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    The Best Content Curation Infographics on the Web

    Who likes infographics? We do, we do! Especially when they illustrate the hottest buzz in marketing. We compiled the best infographics on content curation, exploring what content curation is, identifying the challenges, and guiding you through the process. Discover content curation through this awesome collection of infographics – easy to understand and visually appealing!

    1. What is Content Curation?

    (via Rohit Bhargava)

    2. Content Curation: Why, Where, How?

    (via Uberflip)

    3. Good Curation VS Bad Curation

    (via Beth Kanter)

    4. Content Life Cycle

    (via DigitalC4)

    5.The Curators and Curated

    (via Craighton Berman)

    Which infographic was your favourite? Do you have any that could be added to this list? Share with us!

    Topics: Content Marketing Strategy, how to curate, infographics, marketing