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    Social Network Groups: User Behaviour and Relationships

    Take a step back, observe and assume the role of an online ethnographer. Before you dive right into the role of becoming an online manager and building relationships with your audience, delving deeper into online user behavior is an important area that any social media guru should address. Understanding online behavior means becoming one step closer to understanding how to engage and get your audience involved.

    Research shows that millions of people spend a good portion of their day chirping into social media. Although they all have different objectives, one common interest holds true, individuals involved in social media come online to enjoy a sense of belonging to groups and communities. Whether it comes through the outlet of sharing knowledge, increasing influence and exposure or seeking information, the initial human contact via the web is what keeps them coming back.

    We’re going to take a closer look at the relationship building behavior of bloggers and why it is so important to communicate and build networks within.

    1)     Learning from your peers: For bloggers, going online, observing and tuning into those who have similar interests and blogs, is a part of the constructive process in development. The more involved bloggers become with bloggers, the more they will learn.

    2)     Developing a larger readership base – The “sharing is caring” notion: A blog is equivalent to that of an online publication, and therefore the blogger behaves as the editor of the published information. Seeking advice from fellow bloggers/editors and having them review the content while reciprocating the blogger to blogger recognition creates a beneficial fourfold result. Bloggers are able to take advantage of the relationship through trade of advice, authentic feedback, interaction and exposure.

    3)     Secrets don’t make friends- Sharing content and becoming involved with other bloggers can create a content experience through friendship and interaction. Isn’t that one of the main reasons why we use social media anyway? For any social media influencer, it is important to interact and expand a social network within specific topic groups. This reinforces your reputation as a thought leader and influencer in that selected topic and creates an enriching and fulfilling content experience in the long run.


    Topics: Content Marketing Strategy

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