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    Pin to Win in Your Content Marketing Strategy


    Last month, Pinterest finally opened its platform to the public, taking down the invite-only wall. Stats from Shareaholic show that Pinterest was already breaking records from the beginning of the year, sending more referral traffic than Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube combined. It continued to grow, beating out Twitter in February and StumbleUpon, Bing and Google Referral Traffic in June. As this year’s fastest growing website, marketers are still hesitant about getting started with Pinterest and continue to ask if it’s worth a brand’s time to get involved with yet another social network. The answer is yes. Aside from outstanding numbers in the referral traffic department, here are a few points to consider when evaluating the very visual social network.

    The Value of Pinterest

    It’s easy to get started - a relatively easy network to navigate.
    Powerful traffic potential - Shareaholic pointed out that Pinterest may soon overtake Yahoo! for organic traffic

    Users spend A LOT of time on Pinterest - the average time spent on Pinterest is over an hour per visit

    Set a Pinteresting Strategy

    Here are four steps on how to integrate Pinterest into your marketing strategy.

    1. Ask: Who is My Ideal Customer?

    Who is it that you want to communicate with on Pinterest? Think about your ideal customer’s physical and emotional characteristics. Physical characteristics include age, gender and occupation. Emotional characteristics include values, hobbies and goals. You can focus your marketing strategy based on the information and predict your customers’ decisions.

    Surround your boards around these characteristics to attract your ideal customers. Create posts that allow people to discover new things, show off the core values of your brand and remember to be social with all your followers! Check out this post that goes into full detail about Chobani, a grocer utilizing Pinterest through great customer engagement.

    2. Develop Your Content Plan 

    Work with your team to develop a content plan for your Pinterest account. Re-pinning is definitely one of the platform’s key curating features and accounts for 80% of all pins. But if you only repin content from others, you aren’t bringing anything new to the table. Remember to pin both curated and original content, content exclusively made by you. Offer fans something they can’t get elsewhere.

    3. Mind Map Your Pinterest Board First

    One of our favourite Pinterest users is Sony Electronics. They captivate their followers through a creative mix of lifestyle, product, tech and fun boards. Through these boards, Sony is able to appeal to a wider range of followers. This is because they’ve planned their Pinterest strategy beforehand.

    Atomic Reach sketched out what the boards would look like as a way to visualize the process and knot out ideas before creating our boards on the site.

    The mind map was useful in sketching out the board’s theme, layout and flow. Then we decided on the content feature and tactics we would use to create a cross promotional strategy across Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook.

    4. Offer Valuable Information

    Pinterest gives you the opportunity to become a valued source of information to the folks you're trying to reach. Reflect how your content can become more visually interesting. One of the things you can do on Pinterest is strategically pin images from your own website or blog, like new reports and products. Each pin from your site can be linked back to your site to drive traffic to that page.

    Take a look at the Pinterest page for Whole Foods. They address a range of activities related to the organic lifestyle including gardening, recycling and, of course, recipes. Some of Whole Foods’ core values are:

    • Caring about the community and the environment
    • Promoting healthy eating and education to our stakeholders
    • Selling the highest quality organic and natural foods available
    • Creating ongoing win-win partnerships with our suppliers

    Thus, their carefully curated boards capture these values in a visually stunning user interface.

    We’re still perfecting our Pinterest board and aiming to make it a resource centre for brands and bloggers with pins relating to content marketing & curation. Does our messaging make sense or intrigue you? Follow us and let us know what you think of our page!

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