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    My Take from Content Marketing World: Thought Leadership

    Three weeks ago I attended the Content Marketing World conference in Columbus, OH.  Talk about a growing industry!  Last year there were about 600 attendees, which I thought was remarkable given it was the first of its kind in the content marketing space.  This year there were over 1,000 in attendance!  Think there is something to this content marketing and content curation thing?

    Of the many presentations I sat through, the biggest message I took away was that companies need to engage in some form of content marketing, if for no other reason, to position themselves as thought leaders in their industry!  Consumers today want to improve their knowledge, get information on topics that are of interest to them, and to be entertained.  They don't want to be bombarded with direct brand promotions all the time!  

    As a brand, why not be that trusted source of information for them?  Why not resist the old-school urge to directly promote your company and your products and services all the time?!!   If you provide helpful ideas through compelling content, and make it easier for them to share that content with others, you will win them over and you will win the game!  They will tell their friends about you!  In the end, your company will be looked at as that thought leader and you will distance yourself from the competition.

    Recent studies show that the greater the number of posts on your site, the more content you have... the more Google will like you!  Think about it... when people have a problem, they turn to Google and Google refers them to "a site" to help them solve their problem.  The one presenter I saw indicated that when it comes to traffic, nearly 17% will be direct traffic, 53% will come from search, and over 20% will come from referral traffic.  That means over 73% of web traffic to your site does not come from your intended audience!  As a marketer, it seems imperative that you find a way to make sure it is your site they are directed toward.  

    Without a content marketing strategy, it will become increasingly difficult to accomplish your desired results.  Industry thought leaders will not have to worry... they'll have plenty of content and win the game! 

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