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    How To Use Tumblr To Market Your Brand

    Confession time! I’m a Tumblr addict. That’s only a slight exaggeration. It’s the first thing I check when I wake up in the morning, I have the app on my phone… wherever I go, Tumblr will follow.

    And I know I’m not the only one. Tumblr currently has over 96.1 million blogs, a huge rise since the 28 million back in 2011, and people don’t just sign up, but update frequently, with 38,194 new posts per minute. That being said, at the end of 2012, Tumblr came in 10th out of the top 20 social media platforms.

    So here’s the million-dollar question, should brands get involved with Tumblr? Although Tumblr is not one of the big 5’s (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+), it’s unique microblogging platform is worth taking a look into to tap into a new audience. Can Tumblr help your brand? Here are five benefits to mull over.

    The Benefits of Using Tumblr

    1.       It’s perfect for image-based content

    Tumblr works on a system of reblogging content produced by others. Users see the things they like, reblog it (which means to add it to their blog), allowing the people who follow them to see it. Images work the best with this format. Make sure you have amazing visuals, and use gifs. They’re an easy, quick to understand, and the most prominent way to convey a mood. For example, take Sharpie; Tumblr is definitely the perfect platform to show off their bright colours and amazing images as they promote their markers.


    2.       It attracts a very specific and easily identifiable demographic

    It’s probably fair to say that not all brands will do well on Tumblr. The average Tumblr user is between the ages of 18-24, and largely female. Content geared towards young children or a dominantly masculine demographic may not fare as well.


    It is also worth noting that teens are especially gravitating towards Tumblr, preferring it even to Facebook!

    3.       It isn’t hard to determine what Tumblr users want to see

    GIF, LOL, Fashion, Art and Vintage are some of the top tags on Tumblr (see what I mean about it being a very image-oriented site?). Can your content fit under any of these interests? Probably.

    Audi, for example, uses their Tumblr to showcase vast amounts of art. Is it directly related to cars? No, but it conveys a brand image that draws people in.

    4.     Tumblr allows you to promote a community, not just a brand

    Doctor Who is one of the longest running TV shows to date, and it has an official Tumblr. The great thing about it? It doesn’t actually have to post that much of their own content. Yes, it will share interviews and previews, but the blog is really for showcasing the art, gifs, and videos created by fans. In doing so, it doesn’t just promote their show, but the community surrounding the show.

    5.     It’s really easy to connect with similar blogs

    Whenever you like or reblog a post, the blog owner is notified, and now with the most recent Tumblr update, they are notified in real time. That means that your name appears on their screen the very moment you interact with any of their content, which makes it easy for them to check out what you’ve been posting on your own blog. Not only does this create more exposure for your content, but it can connect you with people of similar interests.

    When used correctly, Tumblr can be a marketing asset. It’s just important to remember that it’s about amazing visuals, establishing a community, and interacting with readers, not showy attempts at self-promotion.

    Also gifs. Trust me, those help.

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