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    How to Drive Traffic to Your Site With our Orb and Wordpress Viewer

    Recently we’ve been receiving a lot of emails from bloggers who are excited to embed the Orb on their sites. Who wouldn’t be excited? By placing an Orb on your blog, you’re able to display fresh and relevant content from fellow members in your Tribe. Furthermore, if they embed an Orb, you receive new readers and traffic to your site; so it’s a win-win situation. To make it super easy for our bloggers, we’re going to break down step-by-step how to embed an Orb and Wordpress Viewer.

    Wait, what is an Orb and Wordpress Viewer?

    The Orb embeds the Tribe’s feed on any blog and it fits rather nicely on a sidebar. It’s also accessible by non-members of the Atomic Reach platform. The Orb is also very versatile and customizable to the blogger’s preference. You can see our Content Marketing Orb in action on the sidebar of this blog. If you are a Wordpress user, we’ve made it easy for you to embed an Orb on your site using the Wordpress Viewer. What’s great about this plugin is that it displays a Tribe’s feed as either a sidebar or its own page! We even give you the option to showcase the Tribe members in your sidebar, like a Facebook Facepile.

    The Orb and Wordpress Viewer display the title from a variety of blog articles part of a Tribe and when clicked, it directs users back to the blogger’s site. Both widgets are handy ways to drive links back to your page through the community of users who have it on their site. They’re also great for shining the spotlight on your Tribe and promoting your fellow Tribe members who are also promoting you. Below we’ve posted the super easy steps to get started with the Orb and Wordpress Viewer.

    How to Embed the Orb:

    1. Apps → Orb Builder
    2. Choose your Tribe, pick your colors, set your width and choose how many articles you want to display.
    3. Copy “Orb Code”
    4. Paste in Blogger Website
    5. Blogger→ PAGE TITLE → Layout → Add A Gadget → Basics → Add HTML/Java Script → Paste “Orb Code” & Add Title

    To Embed the WordPress Viewer in Your Sidebar:

    1. Download Atomic Reach Wordpress Viewer Plugin
    2. Go to your Wordpress Dashboard → Appearance → Widgets → Copy and Paste Code in Text Box
    3. Copy and paste this code, remember to substitute “contentcuration” with your preferred Tribe name:

    To Embed The Wordpress Viewer in a Page:

    1. In your Wordpress dashboard → All Pages → Add New
    2. Copy and paste the following code
    3. Copy and paste this code, remember to substitute “contentcuration” with your preferred Tribe name:

    To Display Tribe Members in Sidebar

    1. Go to your Wordpress Dashboard → Appearance → Widgets → Text box → Copy and Paste Code in Text Box
    2. Remember to substitute “contentcuration” with your preferred Tribe name::

    Note: You can select the number of members to display by changing the limit field, which is currently "3".

    So try out the Orb or Wordpress Viewer to receive new readers and lots more traffic to your site!

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