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    How KISSMetrics Approaches Content Marketing

    As content marketing starts to gain more traction, there are a handful of companies that are worth studying because they have been able to establish strong momentum with the creation of engaging and educational content.

    Among them is KISSMetrics, which helps companies analyze and understand data so they can make better strategic and tactical decisions.

    We reached out to Neil Patel, KISSMetrics' vice-president of marketing and co-founder, to get some insight into what the company is doing, how it creates content, and it measures success.

    1. How important a role does content play within KISSMetrics' marketing activities?

    A big role. Companies use KISSmetrics to better understand their customers. By using our customer intelligence platform companies are able to make better decisions from our actionable insights. In the end, this helps them make more money.

    2. Has content always been a part of the marketing mix? If so, what was the company's original thinking? If not, what changed to bring it into the fold?

    It has been. My background is in marketing and I have been a blogger for over five years. Due to this, we had to include content and blogging into our mix as we know how effective of a strategy it is.

    3. Who creates the content? Is there a team or a particular person responsible for creating content?

    We have a content team.

    4. What is KISSMetrics' content strategy? Do you have a well-defined tactical approach - e.g. editorial calendars, etc.?

    Our editor surveys our customers and readers to figure out what they want to read/learn. We then create that content and publish it on our blog.

    5. How do you measure your efforts? How do you assess what's working and what's not?

    We measure our efforts by revenue. We look at how much time/money we spend on something, such as content creation, and how many new users it creates for us. We then look at the life time value of those users to figure out how much money we earned and if we have a positive ROI.

    6. How do you decide about how much to invest in content marketing?

    We determine our budget based on our ROI. The more we make from content marketing, the more money we make.

    7. What's the most challenging part of using content as a marketing tool? 

    It takes a while to figure out how to make money from content marketing. Just because your content drives traffic, it doesn’t mean you will make money.

    8. What are the key lessons KISSMetrics learned in 2011 about using content as a marketing tool?

    You can’t just write content that drives traffic. You have to find a balance of creating content that pleases your users, converts, and brings in more targeted customers.

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