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    How Brands Can Use Pinterest in Their Content Marketing Strategy

    Brands pinterested in getting involved with this very visual social media platform should tune into #AtomicChat tonight as we host an hour full of content marketing tips using Pinterest.   At 9pm (EST), our special guest speaker Kelly Lierberman (aka @tribe2point0) will share her expertise on how brands can use these online bulletin boards as a powerful marketing tool.

    If you'd like to prepare yourself for this very informative session and offer your own killer Pinterest tips, here are some of the questions that will be asked tonight.


    1.  How can brands use Pinterest in their content marketing strategy?
    2.  What are some creative ways of using Pinterest for brands?
    3.  How are you protecting yourself from the copyright violations?
    4.  Do you think it’s just a fad? Does it have staying power?
    5. Why do you think it got so popular after 2 years?
    6. What else do you wish it could do?

    These are just a handful of questions that are prepared for tonight. There's going to be a ton of chatter on this topic as Pinterest has become a powerful platform for reach and awareness. We're excited to learn all about the juicy benefits Pinterest has to offer to companies who want to stay ahead of the game. Us included, as we've started to build our own boards.

    We hope you join us tonight. Tune into #AtomicChat at 9pm (EST), 8pm (CST), 6pm (PST) - you're not going to want to miss it!

    A bit about Kelly Lieberman:

    Kelly is a social media manager who helps businesses become social on the inside and the outside. She loves using social platforms to bridge and complement the offline experience.  She also hosts the very popular #pinchat on Friday nights at 10pm (EST).

    If she is not on Twitter you will probably find her Pinning on Pinterest. 


    Topics: Content Marketing Strategy