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    Holy Smokes Batman, It’s Content Marketing!

    Let me start by saying I’m a pretty big geek and I’m proud of it. Only until recently a friend of mine introduced me to the world of comics, more specifically the Batman universe. I especially love Batgirl, and if you ask me who the best Batgirl is, there is only one answer: Barbara Gordon. But I digress!

    With my recent Batman obsession, I thought it would be fun to use a little help from the Dark Knight himself to explain content marketing and the don’ts of content creation, making it easier for newbies to understand what it is all about without making it too intimidating and giving it a fun, new twist for more experienced marketers.

    Content Marketing: It's A Tough Job Being A Superhero

    Batman is a symbol of justice, and he is the protector of Gotham and its people. In some respect, you can become a superhero too, providing meaningful and original content to your audience through your website.

    People connect to Batman because he’s just a man and he doesn’t need superpowers to defeat evil and to do good. Sometimes, it can be daunting and frustrating trying to catch up to your peers who have already established themselves online. But even Batman had to start somewhere.

    Just start creating content, that’s the first step. Along the way, find your own voice, be honest and original. Your readers will appreciate it when you’re being yourself; they’re smart people and they can tell when you’re not. Write about what you are comfortable with rather than writing about what everyone else is.

    And hey, you never know, people may start looking up to you and you may become their number one source for their information.

    Content Curation Is Content Marketing’s Loyal Sidekick


    Much like Batman’s crime fighting partner Robin, content curation can be your true pal in your time of need. Don’t have time to create original content?  Or is writer’s block knocking you down? No problem!

    Content curation is here to help save the day!

    You write about what matters to you and have a strong sense of your website’s focus, so why not seek out other people’s content that have similar views?

    Batman didn’t pick just anyone off the streets to fight by his side. He chose a sidekick who best shared the essence of what he stands for.

    So pick an article worth sharing with your audience (or your Gotham City, if you’d like a comparison to Batman). Remember to explain a little bit why you chose the article and give credit to the original author. You’ll become a credible source and you’ll still have content for your website in the nick of time!

    Supervillains: The Don’ts of Content Creation

    Whatever you do, don’t turn into a supervillain! Here are some of Batman’s well-known enemies to help remind you about the don'ts of content creation: 

    Don’t Steal Like Catwoman


    She’s a burglar and enjoys taking part in high-stake thefts. She and Batman have a love-hate relationship. Batman may have a little crush on the wicked feline, and it may be tempting for you to copy another source’s work when you’re in a bind or lack time in creating new content.

    The lesson here is: do the right thing. Don’t steal someone else’s work and always give them credit. When you don’t have time to create new content, call in your sidekick: content curation!

    I Don’t Have A Clue What You’re Talkin' About, Riddler


    He’s been known to leave riddles at crime scenes for Batman to solve. Remember, the last thing you want to do is leave your audience puzzled. Don’t write too academically or stuff your articles with too much jargon. Your audience wants to understand what you have to say and even learn from you!


    Be Original, Not Two-Faced


    No one likes duplicate content: not Batman, not your audience, and not even SEO. Check out my article:  Annoying SEO jargon EXPOSED to learn more about it.

    Instead of writing about a topic someone has already written, be yourself, find your own voice and share it with the rest of us!

    Also, audiences prefer having original content. They crave new insights and really do want to hear about your personal experiences: what worked for you and what didn’t. We’re all here to learn from each other, so why not have fun and be creative with how you present what you already know?

    Don’t Be Drawn To The Darkside Like Joker


    He is Batman’s ultimate nemesis. Joker is a psychotic fellow with wild and crazy ideas to try and bring Batman down to his level.

    It might be tempting to cut corners, but it is best not to write low quality content. You’re more than capable of rising to the challenge to defeat writer’s block. Don’t turn to the dark side. You have a voice and you have a mind of your own.

    People admire Batman because they can see themselves in him. He’s relatable and makes people feel like they can achieve greatness as much as he can. People look up to Batman because they can envision themselves in the Bat suit too. Be ahead of the curve and be a thought leader!

    ­­At the end of the day, avoid turning into a supervillain and ask yourself: what would Batman do?

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