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    Growing your Company’s LinkedIn Group & Group Discussion Etiquette

    So you created a LinkedIn group for your company. Now what?

    Around the internet, LinkedIn is deemed Facebook with a tie. It’s a great way to show off your credentials and achievements as well as network with other professionals.

    LinkedIn groups are a wonderful way to meet like-minded people and have lively discussions. After you have made a LinkedIn group for your company, you’re probably facing the dilemma of trying to grow its audience and wondering how to interact with its group members.

    How do I grow my LinkedIn Group?

    Start off by inviting friends and the connections you have already made
    Once your connections join your group, encourage them to invite their connections too
    After making new connections from LinkedIn or from other social networks, invite them to join your group.

    Sometimes being a part of a LinkedIn group or managing one may be overwhelming.

    What are the best ways to moderate and interact with the members of my LinkedIn Group?

    How to moderate

    • In your group settings, determine if you want comments from your members to be automatically published or if you prefer to moderate comments as they come in
    • Moderate your group: Sometimes, you may have to be a referee among your group members if things get out of hand. Set up some rules to keep a respectful and healthy discussion going
    • Contribute and encourage discussion: start new topics or have members ask questions of their own

    How to interact

    • Be genuine: be yourself!
    • Like & share discussions and articles you love
    • Be involved: share your own experiences
    • Comment regularly to become a trusted, reliable, and familiar voice in the group (may lead to building more connections too).
    • Use an article, video, infographic to justify your question or statement
    • Want to leave a friendly reply? Start a heated debate? Craft your comments and replies based on how you want your message to be received. It’s hard to detect a particular tone on the internet, so take extra care with your word choices to avoid offending someone in case you never intended to.

    Follow these simple steps and you’ll be on your way to making meaningful connections, growing your LinkedIn group, and flourishing fun and engaging discussions.

    We invite you to join in on the discussion at Atomic Reach's LinkedIn Group: Content Marketing & Curation Strategists.

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