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    Google + Curation

    Google plus, if you haven’t heard, seen or typed it into your Google search bar in the last few weeks, you’re likely living under a rock. With the silent exposure of this invite-only social media platform, it’s the newest online social network taking aim directly at Facebook. But while both social media platforms have their perks, Google plus gets the plus one point for its organizational tools.

    What am I talking about? It’s those little circles and sparks you’re seeing all over your browser. The Circles tool on Google plus is a valuable way to organize and be more selective with the streamed content you share amongst different audience groups. The Sparks tool allows you to filter for topics that spark your interest. All in all, these help you deliver the right content to the right people. The notion isn’t new, but it’s refreshing to see Google addressing excessive content in Google plus, with the right medium from the get go.

    As many of you know, content curation doesn’t happen in the blink of an eye, cleaning up the pile of overload involves being equipped with the useful tools and the proper content. Think of it as organizing a messy room with shelves and boxes that help you divide and group the materials into similar categories. This makes everything easier to find post-clean up. On top of that, disposing of items that are either too old to function or don’t complement the theme of your room are necessary too. Online curation functions in a similar nature, the only difference lies in its tangibility. So whether it’s with your bedroom, Google plus account, or your twitter feed, organizing and cleaning it up will be doing everyone who’s in your social circle a huge favour.


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