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    Google+ Communities a Sure-Fire Way for Building Your Blogging Niche

    Last week, the folks at Google launched Google+ Communities. Developed to “make online sharing as meaningful as the real thing”, Google+ Communities are groups where like-minded users can gather and share articles, discuss trends and propose ideas in their niche.

    As great lovers of all tech and social media, Atomic Reach was quick to make two of our own communities: Content Curation and Content Marketing. The first thing we noticed was the “public” and “private” feature in building a community. It allows for versatility and targeted messaging. Along with how easy it is to create one, Google+ Communities are easy to access through your Google+ profile - on the navigation bar.


    Perhaps the best feature of Google+ Communities is the customizable discussion categories. For our Content Curation: Marketing, Strategy & Insights, several of our categories are topics curators would like to know about: Lead Generation, Thought Leadership, and SEO. Categories allow members to upload their own or curated posts to the Community in an organized manner, giving others easy access to sought-after information.

    By joining a Community, users can connect with those who share the same interests and passions, as well as network with those in their niche. By being a part of a public Community, Google+ users can meet new people. Users can also manage projects and campaigns in one spot. It’s a great place for building relationships, for brands to connect with their consumers, and for bloggers with other bloggers.

    Want to get involved in our communities? Want the latest on content curation and content marketing? Simply go to your Google+ profile, click on Communities, and search for “Content Curation” and “Content Marketing.”

    Atomic Reach’s Communities are titled: Content Curation: Marketing, Strategy & InsightsContent Marketing: The New Way of Publishing and AtomicChat.

    See you there!

    Your turn:

    Have you checked out Google+ Communities yet? What’s your take on the new groups? What do you like best about this feature? Comment below; we’d love to hear from you!

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