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    Go Atomic by Creating a Tribe

    If you're trying to attract more blog readership, there are different ways to do it by leveraging things such as social media and creating e-newsletters.

    The challenge with these techniques is they're individual efforts that can require a lot of time and effort. And the truth is it can be a tough way to shine the spotlight on you and your content.

    At Atomic Reach, we believe there is power in numbers.Rather than waving the proverbial flag by yourself, we think a more effective way to drive more traffic is banding together with other bloggers who share your interests and passion.

    This the core of our Tribes, content communities that bloggers can quickly and easily create. And they're free.

    So why create a Tribe?

    They're ideal vehicles to focus on a particular topic to build a destination that features a variety of high-quality blog posts. Rather than trying to get people to just read your content, a Tribe is a place that features lots of content, including yours. As a result, it's a more interesting place that people will visit on a regular basis because there will always be something new and compelling.

    To create a Tribe, all you need to do is join Atomic Reach, and then click on "Create a Tribe". From there, fill in the fields with the information about your Tribe...and in minutes later you're the owner of a spanking new Tribe.

    So, what's next? Well, we suggest you start by pulling content from your blog into your Tribe. This can be using a variety of tools, including a WordPress plugin and our RSS/XML Streamer. This will jump-start your Tribe giving people content to read.

    After that, you can add more Tribe members by sending them invitation via Atomic Reach. With a little work, you'll soon have a thriving Tribe featuring tons of great content.

    Tomorrow, we'll provide some tips and suggestions on how to put your Tribe in the spotlight.



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