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    Writing Effective Headlines in Four Easy Steps

    First impressions are everything when it comes to blogging. Your blog headline will determine whether someone reads your article or moves onto the next one. According to Copyblogger, an average of 8 of 10 people will read the headline copy, while only 2 out of 10 will read the rest of the article. The better your headline, the better your chance is of beating the averages. So what are some ways you can go about making an enticing headline to ensure your blog is actually read?


    1. Create Curiosity
    The goal is to make your audience curious enough that they’ll want to see what your the rest of your article is all about. Tell your audience enough to make them interested, but avoid telling too much. To give an example from the entertainment world: “You’ll Never Guess who Taylor Swift is Dating.” The headline tells you that she’s dating someone, but fails to say who, making entertainment gossipers itching to know more.
    2. Play With Numbers
    “Cleaning your car in four easy steps”, “Three ways brands are successfully using Pinterest.” These headlines promise more than just a lump of information, but rather a series of insights or steps that the reader can easily follow and benefit from. Writing out your ideas in a numbered list (like I’ve done in this blog, as well as previous ones) can also help to organize ideas that may be difficult to write in a straightforward way

    3. Be Precise
    Headline isn’t a synonym for novel. According to PR Newswire, the most effective headlines are between 65-90 characters (not words). When thinking of a headline, try to explain your article in one precise sentence.

    4. Promise the Reader Something
    Your readers want to know that they’ll personally benefit from reading your article. What will that benefit be? For example, a recently published Atomic Reach Blog sported the headline “The Beginners Guide to Hashtags.” This headline promises social media amateurs knowledge that they may have not possessed previous to reading the article.

    What is the approach you use when writing headlines?

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