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    Drupal 6 Friends: Have No Fear, Our Super Atomic Reach Module Is Here!


    Ok fine. Maybe calling ourselves superheroes is a little far-fetched but we do like to save the day once in a while. Today, we’re focusing on the growing needs of our Drupal 6 friends, or as I like to call them, Dru-Pals (so clever, right?). We’ve heard the moans and groans of how hard it is to consistently create rich, high-quality content for your stories, and we decided to step up to the challenge and flex our muscles. After countless hours of hard work in the Atomic lab, we finally came up with a module worthy to call our own. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, I proudly present the Atomic Reach content optimization module for Drupal 6. KABOOM!

    Our new module identifies critical opportunities for improvement in your story before you hit ‘publish’. The benefits? Your readers will consistently receive high-quality content targeted to them. The results? Maximum audience engagement and reach for every story you post. Talk about a Drupal tool that packs a punch! KAPOW!

    Don’t worry Dru-Pals 7, we haven’t forgotten about you. We’ll be launching a supernatural module for you soon too.


    Here’s how to get your module up and running

    1. Create an Atomic Reach account at It's important that you add your RSS feed and tell us about your target audience before moving onto the next steps. You will find out why this is so important later on in this post.

    2. Download the revolutionary Atomic Reach Drupal 6 module here. It's currently not listed in the Drupal directory just yet.

    3. Install the module by referring to our easy-to-follow installation guide. We also have a module FAQs page available for further support.


    How to use your module like a hero

    1. Type or paste your content into the main text box and check off the ‘analyze this content’ box. Choose your desired target audience segment from the drop-down menu and click ‘preview’ to begin the analysis process. Make sure ‘published’ is not checked off in the publishing options before hitting preview. The Atomic Reach module provides you with critical insights in the pre-published stages of writing to help you refine your story before you publish.

    2. The module will show improvement areas, such as content sophistication, underperforming links and spelling mistakes. Clicking on a category will highlight these errors within the text editor. Click on the category again to hide the highlighted errors. Full details of the improvements are found within the Content Analysis & Results section.

    3. The module shows a full list of the performance metrics measured. Click on each metric to expand and view additional information and suggestions. As you make refinements and satisfy the metrics, click ‘preview’ at any time to get an updated progress and content score. Our research indicates that articles achieving a 60+ score generally experience significantly higher audience engagement. The progress marker shifts towards green as you satisfy the performance metrics. When the progress marker reaches green, check off ‘published’ under ‘publishing options’, and click ‘save’. Sit back and watch your refined story deliver its most promising punch yet - your readers won’t know what hit them!


    What this means for YOU

    • A BIG increase in audience engagement. Users who follow our content optimization guides see, on average, 75% more audience engagement. That means no more sleepless nights wondering whether your content meets the needs of your readers.
    • More efficient and effective writing. Our powerful tool eliminates all the guess work by identifying and highlighting the key areas for improvement. Now you can minimize your writing and editing time.
    • Critical insights into your target audience. Our Drupal 6 module works closely with the Atomic Reach web platform to track audience engagement and provide optimization results.


    Sounds powerful! What else do I need to know?

    Believe it or not, there is even more to our Drupal 6 module! You can unlock the full benefits by creating an Atomic Reach account on our web platform (remember step 1 from “Here’s how to get your module up and running”?). This account works hand-in-hand with the Drupal module to help you write relevant content targeted to your audience. By connecting your blog with our Web engine, we are able to run various analyses on your historical content and provide important audience insights. This analysis step is critical to ensure your module is providing tailored suggestions based on your target audience information.

    Simply sign up with our Atomic Reach platform, enter your RSS feed, and tell us about your target audience. Learn more about the web platform here. Download the Drupal 6 module here and get the insights you need before sharing your content with the world!


    The world is ready… get yours now!

    It’s a dangerous blogging world out there. Fortunately, once equipped with our latest Drupal 6 weapon, you’ll be fighting blogging crimes swiftly and diligently. The darkening days of poor-quality, unengaging content will soon be a thing of the past. Remember, with great writing ability comes great responsibility…
    Dru-Pals 7, you’re up next...

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