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    Do Brands Need Corporate Journalists?

    As content marketing becomes more popular and valuable, an emerging question is whether brands need in-house journalists to plan and create content.

    Traditionally, corporate writing responsibilities were handled by the communications and marketing teams. It mostly consisted of press releases, and sales and marketing collateral. It was blocking and tackling writing, not glamorous but important and necessary content.

    But as content marketing is increasingly embraced, corporate content must be more compelling, interesting and engaging. As important, content marketing also needs to feature good story-telling.

    So, who's going to write this content given it probably requires different kinds of writing skills?

    While existing communication and marketing teams may be able to do it, a growing number of companies recognize they need people, who are, in many ways, journalists as opposed to corporate writers.

    These are people who can discover interesting stories, filter and synthesize large amount of information, and create content that will resonate with target audiences.

    The growing need for corporate journalists coincides with the shrinking size of newsrooms, which has left many journalists looking for work. Armed with a valuable set of skills, many of these people would be good fit for brands that need more and different content than ever before.

    It could mean that corporate journalists or corporate editorial teams becomes a key part of a brand's marketing teams - much like social media community managers and teams have emerged in recent years.

    For more thoughts on the role of corporate journalists, the Marketing Sherpa has a good post about "corporate journalism". Joe Pulizza wonders whether corporate journalists can still be journalists, while Jesse Noyes looks at the differences between brand journalists and brand reporters.

    Topics: Content Marketing Strategy