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    Curate Content to Make Your Facebook Page Stand Out

    The buzz of creating a Facebook Page for businesses and organizations is not something new. From your local businesses to big international corporations, Facebook has been an essential marketing vehicle to virtually connect with your customers and promote your organization. To optimize the use of a Facebook Page, you certainly want to post frequently. Unfortunately, an average Facebook Business Page post reaches only 16% of Fans, according to TechCrunch.

    So... now what? How do you make your Fans come back to your Facebook Page? It’s simple: curate content on your Facebook Page. Curating content generates leads, engages Facebook Fans and drives traffic to your Facebook Page. Above all, it can raise brand awareness.

    What Content to Curate to Feed Your Facebook Page:

    1. Photos: Curating photos is one of the simplest ways to add visual content on your page. You can simply start by browsing on Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr, and share relevant photos on your Facebook Page. For example, if you own a local store, you can share an exciting photo of the area and remind Fans to come by your store. If you want to engage with your Fans, browse through photos others have uploaded using hashtags. Rebecca Minkoff , the trendy fashion designer, curates photos by browsing through Instagram images that her fans uploaded with their favourite Minkoff pieces.
    1. Videos: Another source of curated content is in a video format. Filter through results using your relevant keywords or even your organization’s brand name and products. If your organization belongs in the food industry, look for recipe videos that would interest your consumers. This will not only give helpful tips to other Fans, but also market your products. Navigating on Youtube or Vimeo would be a good start.
    1. Articles and Blogs: Explore through popular articles or blogs that would interest your Fans. If you are a health-related organization, you can share fitness articles from coaches, trainers, nutritionists, etc. The key is to stay consistent with your brand image, but also offer your Fans more than just your products.
    1. Curate Your Own Content: After all, the Facebook Page is meant to promote your brand. Reward your Facebook Fans by giving them sneak peeks of new products or services! Don’t hesitate to include all your communications, including press releases, guides, newsletters and white papers.

    Building a Facebook Page with valuable curated content is a critical mission. Dan Zarella also says, “It’s important to know when the highest percentage of your audience is eavesdropping on your social networks.” According to his statistics, you reach your Facebook Fans the best at noon and a little after 7pm. It is also important to know your fans. What are they interested in? What do they like to see on the Facebook Page?

    Take the time to curate content on your Facebook Page, but remember to curate content that is high quality and be creative with your posts. Do all of the above and be assured that your Facebook Page will be extraordinary.

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