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    Content Will Always Take the Throne

    As the saying goes, “content is king” and more companies and brands are finding themselves in a new publishing role as a part of their online marketing strategy. Content marketing, publishing or curation is nothing new in the online media industry but it is a marketing tool that is now growing in the brand domain. Brands managing digital content on their websites are embracing the role ofknowledge-based thought leader within their own category, offering
    their audience current and relevant information.

    Publishers too are embracing user-generated-content to augment their content experience. Some examples of large firms who have implemented this model include the Huffington Post, who manages a team of approximately 15,000 unpaid contributors producing content for the site. Most recently, Vogue has recruited 1000 fashion bloggers to contribute their posts to the elite fashion source More and more, brands see the value of collaborating with external writers and influential bloggers in an effort to become a content destination on all topics surrounding their business.

    User-generated-content publishing welcomes diverse knowledge shared by voices who want to be heard. It grows the audience by increasing traffic, in hopes of attracting readers back on
    a regular basis and all the while nurturing a community of contributors and loyal fans. Content marketing, publishing and curation offer companies an opportunity to filter out the noise and take leadership in their own space within a category. This means brands and companies need to start putting on their online editor hats and managing high quality content effectively to
    create a content experience for their customers. Extend your communications by engaging your viewers with a unique online experience.

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