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    Can Pinterest Jump-Start Websites?

    By now, you've probably heard more than enough about Pinterest, the newest social media belle of the ball, but here's an idea that I've been noodling for the past few days: could Pinterest revitalize and put renewed focus on the importance of corporate Websites?

    Here's my thinking: Aside from Pinterest being informative, entertaining and a medium to display eye-catching and interesting photos, graphics and videos, the magic for marketers is how these images are linked to Website pages.

    For example, if you like the look of the "Pinchy" wooden clip, you can click on the image and visit The Future Perfect to purchase it. This is a simple example but think of how this approach could be used for travel, gadgets, consumer electronics, shoes, furniture and home decor using the same look and buy technique.

    So, here's the thing about Pinterest: by giving brands a new, fun and interesting way to discover products and services, it also puts more focus on Websites because this is where consumers will land when they click on an image.

    As a result, the Website needs to perform. It needs to look good, convert, encourage, inspire, inform and/or educate to meet expectations. If a Pinterest user clicks on an image but lands on a Website that is bland, uninspiring, uninteresting or slow, it's game over.

    In many respects, Pinterest could be just what the doctor ordered to convince brands their Websites need to be overhauled or, at least, get a fresh coat of paint. With the rise of Facebook Page, many brands have been content to send traffic to Facebook, while letting their Websites gather dust or be treated as a second-class citizen.

    After all, why give your Website much love if your Facebook Page is a dynamic, fluid and engaging vehicle?

    The problem is a brand doesn't own their Facebook Page; they rent it from Facebook, which can change the look, feel and features to suit its needs.

    This is why I've been a big advocate of corporate Websites because they can, in some ways, act as the digital hub for what a company is doing online. Whether by design or not, Pinterest has put the spotlight on the corporate Website by demonstrating the key role it can play and the value is delivers.

    For more insight into how brands use Pinterest, check out this blog post by Sarah Hansson.


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