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    Blogs Influence Consumers More Than Social Networks

    Blogs are one of the top five most trustworthy sources for consumers, influencing them more than social networks. They offer honest reviews and useful advice. Bloggers even add a personal touch with their own voice and creativity, which keep readers coming back to their website. When you build trust with your readers, it will transform into influence.

    As a book lover and blogger, I am always searching for the next best thing to read. In my experience, I rather read a friend’s or trusted book blogger’s website about books they've read and their opinions about it rather than have a bookstore or publisher tell me what my next must-read should be.

    In Technorati’s 2013 Digital Influence Report, there are strong findings why your business should have a blog and/or even network with other bloggers to help spread your message. In the report, “According to consumers, blogs are more influential in shaping opinion than Twitter, and when it comes to affecting purchase decisions, more important than Facebook.”

    Here are some powerful findings on why your business should have a blog or work with bloggers:

    The Most Used Online Services

    Blogs rank fifth as the most used online service.

    Online Services Most Trusted

    Blogs were found to be the fifth-most trustworthy source for information on the internet.


    Online Services Shared From The Most

    Blogs are ranked as one of the top three online services consumers share with people they know, only behind Facebook (57%) and YouTube (40%).


    Online Services Most Likely To Influence A Purchase

    Blogs were found to be the third-most influential digital resource (31%) when making overall purchasing decisions, only behind retail sites (56%) and brand sites (34%).

    Creating Influence

    In the report, findings show that influencers are most active on blogs.

    • 86% of influencers have a blog

    • 88% of influencers surveyed say they blog for themselves

    Social Metrics Followed by Influencers

    When influencers measure their success, blog/website page views rank highest (52%). Social following (ie. Facebook likes, Twitter followers) and user interactions (comments) also rate high among influencers.

    Influencers & Revenue

    • 64% of influencers make revenue from blogging


    If you want to build trust, grow in popularity, and become an influencer among your consumer base, it is wise for your business to have a blog. Another option is working with bloggers to help spread your brand’s message and promote its lifestyle. Overtime, after building a strong foundation of trust with your readers, your brand will become an influential voice to customers and in your industry.

    To find out more interesting statistics about blogging and social media influence, read Technorati’s 2013 Digital Influence Report.

    Leave a comment about the ways you engage with your audience and consumers.

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