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    Blogger Opportunity: The Kid Scoop

    Brand Profile:

    The Kid Scoop gives parents a single reference site where they can access information on kid’s activities, classes, events and programs in their community. While other parents have completed hockey registrations in July and summer camp registrations in January, The Kid Scoop allow parents to participate in activities in the here and now, and to prepare them for activities in the future.

    For parents who have no idea or experience in kid activities, The Kid Scoop’s blogger community Family Fun allow parents to share their ideas and stories with one another. From mountain climbing to painting, Family Fun is an inspiring community for all parents and kids.

    Blogger Communities To Join:

    Family Fun - Engaging activities ranging from outdoor activities, local activities, arts and crafts, trips and travel, and family adventures.


    You may know some of the bloggers who have joined:

    Dollar Store Crafts
    Mommy With Selective Memory
    Frugal Mom Eh
    Nature for Kids


    If you are a blogger who produces content on fun activities for children and parents alike, you may be interested in The Kid Scoop’s content community: Family Activities. To get involved, please contact Annette Wong at: annettewong @

    Topics: Content Marketing Strategy