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    #AtomicChat Recap: Google+ Tips and Communities

    This Monday, #AtomicChat-ters gathered to discuss about the new buzz in social media: Google Plus Communities. Our guest host was Debbie Horovitch, Social Media Concierge at the Sparkle Agency. She was so fantastic at our last #AtomicChat on LinkedIn, we just had to invite her back for round 2!

    #AtomicChat was very busy and generated 1000+ Tweets on Monday night! As @MeeoMiia put it, “#AtomicChat was buzzing at lightening speed!” Check out the highlights below and get the full transcript here.

    Q1 – Who has written books on Google+?

    [blackbirdpie id="280858844509384704"]

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    Q2 – What are some recent stats on Google+?

    [blackbirdpie id="280860812086763520"]

    [blackbirdpie id="280861449750974464"]

    Q3 – What are the benefits of a Google+ Profile?

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    [blackbirdpie id="280863556923183104"]

    Q4 – What do you love and hate about Google+ Hangouts?

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    [blackbirdpie id="280866191759777792"]

    [blackbirdpie id="280866588532559872"]

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    [blackbirdpie id="280867124283596803"]

    [blackbirdpie id="280865931465486338"]

    Q5 – What tips do you have to optimize Google+ Hangouts?

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    [blackbirdpie id="280868175200006144"]

    [blackbirdpie id="280869364067082240"]

    Q6 – What about the newest product, Google+ Communities?

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    [blackbirdpie id="280870259911704576"]

    Q7 – What are your favourite Google+ activities/communities?

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    [blackbirdpie id="280871139042000896"]

    Here are some interesting comments and remarks other Atomic Chat-ers said about Google Plus Communities!

    [blackbirdpie id="280859387860500482"]

    [blackbirdpie id="280860969394122753"]

    [blackbirdpie id="280861867709190145"]

    [blackbirdpie id="280863250000793600"]

    Don’t forget to check out our Google+ Communities! We have three which you can join: Content Curation, Content Marketing and #AtomicChat. Our next #AtomicChat will be on January 7th, 2013. Happy holidays, everyone!

    Your Turn

    What are your thoughts on the new Google+ Communities? Do you have a Google Plus Community? Share the URL links to your Google+ Community in the comments below!

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