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    Atomic Reach is on AngelList!

    We are excited to announce that we just created a profile on AngelList, a social network that connects startups with investors to streamline the fundraising process.

    The site is like a combination of Craigslist, LinkedIn and eHarmony, and it has become an imperative platform for early-stage companies, allowing angel investors to shop around, see which companies are raising money, make intros, monitor trending companies, and ultimately invest.

    Since 2010, AngelList has changed the traditional ways of funding by shortening year-long processes of building up contacts and connections and it helps increase a startup’s exposure by ways of showing social proof.  Much like any other social networking platform, it allows people to follow a startup’s profile, and in return, increases a startup’s exposure. This metric is one of the driving forces of establishing credibility and makes it easier for investors to write a cheque.

    Entrepreneurs have deemed AngelList as “a true a gem of a resource for startups seeking capital” and “one of the most valuable tools [to] have as an entrepreneur.” AngelList cofounder Naval Ravikant says, “Today, startups are raising more than $10 million through direct AngelList referrals each month, and another $10 million through investors who see their pitches and contact them offline.”

    As a new tech startup, it is inspiring to be part of a vibrant community of entrepreneurs, and we’re excited to meet with VCs and Angels we never could have met on our own.  In the coming weeks, we’re gearing up to launch version 3 of Atomic Reach and our mission is to revolutionize the interaction, exchange and promotion of great content.

    Follow Our AngelList Profile

    If you’re on AngelList, we’d love to connect with you! You’ll also be updated on our company news and the growth of our business. Give us a follow here and help us become a trending startup!

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