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    Atomic Reach Gives Brands the Power to Leverage Content Marketing

    As you know, content marketing is a hot topic these days but many brands run into a few big obstacles: creating content can be expensive and building a strong community takes time and effort.

    So how do we help brands solve this problem?

    Our new social publishing platform (which just launched this week!) connects brands looking to establish vibrant content communities with high-quality bloggers creating high-quality content. Atomic Reach’s robust content platform provides brands with a powerful and user-friendly curation engine that makes it easy for them to manage, curate and market content.

    It’s a win-win proposition that gives brands a new way to engage consumers with a steady flow of targeted and compelling content, while driving more traffic to blogs.

    The new Atomic Reach v2.0 platform has upgraded the dashboard so it’s easier to curate, manage, publish and feature content from blogger contributors.

    On the flip side, we’ve also made it much easier for bloggers to join Atomic Reach, which will increase the number of potential Tribe contributors.

    Here are some upgrades we are most excited about:

    More organized curation engine: each column in the back-end can be alphabetically sorted for easy viewing so that  you can select articles from your favourite contributors, pick ones that have the best tags and images.

    Greater editorial control: Curators also have the option to edit important fields such as article tags, or completely re-write the article summary (this creates original content on your site linked to the bloggers article - great Google juice).

    Share the love: Scroll over an article in our new Tribe feed and you will find share buttons that make it really simple but super effective for editors or contributors to tweet, post, pin or plus your favourite articles with your friends and followers.

    If you like what you see, flip us an email - we're available to give private demos to brands who are interested in using Atomic Reach to leverage their content marketing strategies.

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