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    5 Handy Tools For Measuring Your Social Media Reach

    Sending out a Tweet or posting a blog can feel like throwing an object into an abyss. Unaware of where your content will end up, you sometimes feel like you’re left to sit there and just hope your message eventually reaches your target audience. With an estimated 88% of American businesses expected to increase social media spending in 2013, brands want to guarantee they will reach their target audience(s). In order to avoid aimless and unsuccessful social media messaging, check out these essential tools to see what content wins and what loses.


    Google Analytics
    Google Analytics has become somewhat of a standard in the world of analyzing social media, and for good reason. Within mere minutes, you can set up Google Analytics to help you track the value of your social media content. The program offers a Social Reports tool that works to measure the impact social media has on your business goals. The tool also tracks what social content your users are most frequently engaging with. This information will allow you to see what social networks are the most valuable to your business, and therefore help you in going forth with further social media planning.


    Klout works to measure your social media influence on a scale from 1-100. Your Klout score is calculated by measuring the size of your social network and how users interact with your content. Once you have signed up for an account, Klout will display your social media activity over the past 90 days, allowing you to see the exact moments your score increased. This enables you to see what content drives the most activity and engagement to your site.
    Klout also recently announced that they would soon display business analytics, aimed at helping brands learn more about their online audiences.

    Wildfire’s Social Media Monitor
    Recently acquired by Google, Wildfire’s Social Media Monitor allows you to compare your social media performance to that of your competitors. For example, recently did a study using Wildfire’s tool that compared the social media success of Wal-Mart versus Target (Target won). The tool also helps you to easily monitor and compare the number of likes, check-ins and followers for each social media account.

    While most of HootSuite’s tools are behind a paywall, the free dashboard is extremely useful for tracking and organizing your social media accounts. The dashboard allows you to monitor all of your social media accounts in one easy place. This also helps you avoid signing in and out of individual accounts.

    Once you gain access to the analytics behind your social media content, you will be able to gain a better perspective into what content works and what doesn't. In the end, this will help you in future social media planning.

    What analytical tools do you use to track your brand’s social media progress?

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