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    5 Facebook Page Features You Didn’t Know About

    With Mark Zuckerberg and his team consistently updating and adding Facebook features, it’s certainly not easy to keep up-to-date with all of them. For your convenience, we combined all the important ones to help you better manage your Facebook Page. Here are 5 key features you need to know:

    1.   Scheduling Posts

    From my previous post on Curating Content to Make Your Facebook Stand Out , you learned about the most optimal times to share posts on Facebook. However, it is sometimes difficult to have access to Facebook during that time, especially if you are busy. Luckily, Facebook added a feature to schedule posts in advance.

    Click on the clock icon to schedule the post. You can schedule the posts to be published in 10 minute intervals. Once you post the schedule, you can’t edit the content, but you can cancel the post under Activity Log. The Activity Log also allows you to see all the scheduled posts.

    2.   Promoting Posts

    When you publish a post on your Facebook Page, only a small percentage of Fans see the post on their News Feed. Facebook estimates this percentage to be around 16%. To allow your posts to be seen by a larger crowd, consider using Promoted Posts for as little as $5. This can be an effective way to reach Friends of Fans and a portion of existing Fans. Promoting feature can be found on the bottom right side of your posts. It is important to measure your metrics after promoting your post and see if this feature allows you to create more engagements.

    3.   Highlighting Posts and Pinning

    Do you have a post you want to shine a spotlight on? Make sure your Facebook posts stand out by using the Highlighting Posts and Pinning features! Highlighting Posts allow the content to expand across your Page by clicking on the star icon. If you wish to undo this feature, simply click on the star icon again. The Pinning feature enables a specific post to stay at the top of your Page for up to seven days. Click on the pencil icon and select “Pin to Top.” Once you complete these steps, you will see an orange bookmark on the top right side of the post.

    Note that you cannot use these two features at the same time.

    4.   Targeting Posts to Specific Languages and Locations

    Targeting posts gives you control on who sees your post on their News Feed. The target can be selected by:

    • Gender
    • Relationship Status
    • Education
    • Interested In
    • Age
    • Location
    • Language

    However, it is important to note that not all Facebook Users filled out this information so you may be narrowing your audience. Furthermore, this post will still be visible on your Page Timeline for all users and Fans who visit your Page. This Targeting feature is only available to Pages with more than 5000 Fans. If you are an administrator of a Page with more than 5000 Fans, take advantage of this and target your posts to reach a more relevant audience!

    5.   Administrative Roles

    You can assign administrative roles to multiple people to help manage your Facebook Page. The roles include: Manager, Content Creator, Moderator, Advertiser and Insights Analyst.

    The table below outlines the 5 admin roles (across) and what they're able to do (down):

    To add or edit administrative roles, click Edit Page on top of your Page then select Admin Roles.

    Do you know any other important Facebook Page features ? Share with us by commenting!

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