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    10 Ways to Drive Traffic & Improve Your SEO Using SlideShare

    Last Monday, we had the pleasure of chatting with Debbie Horovitch (@Sparkle_Agency) during our #AtomicChat about SlideShare. She shared with us that during one of her campaigns she managed to  get 1,500 pageviews in 24 hours and 2,750 views in 48 hours!

    Content marketing is a marketing technique that involves the creation and sharing of content for the purpose of engaging customers. There are many ways to interact and engage with your customers, such as blog posts, how-to guides, online videos, white papers, webinars, and podcasts. But some companies are unaware of the advantages or haven’t tapped into SlideShare, deemed as the "quiet giant of content marketing."

    Atomic Reach is here to help! We’re offering deeper insight on how this wonderful medium can expand and strengthen your marketing campaigns with our Top 10 tips & features you should use for SlideShare.

    1.      Wondering what kind of content to include in some of your SlideShare presentations?

    Here’s some tips we got from Debbie:

    [blackbirdpie url=""]

    [blackbirdpie url=""]

    SlideShare is great for people who don’t want to read long, heavy worded articles, but encourages short and image heavy content.

    2.      Embed Slideshare widgets on blogs, wikis, and websites.

    You have the option to embed Slideshare widgets on wikis, your blogs, and your websites, so your audience can see and share the content you create or curate instantly! You can determine what you share: select a feed from your tags, groups, events,  your uploaded content or favourited SlideShare content.  

    3.      Create a Slidecast

    You can include any mp3 url, whether it’s a song or a podcast. Making it work hand in hand with your presentation, webinars, recorded lectures, or musical slideshows can be created.

    4.      Embed Youtube videos

    Don’t want just text and images in your presentation? Try inputting a YouTube video to complement your presentation or to entertain your audience! Sometimes, it’s a nice change of pace to watch a video rather than reading a slide.

    5. Sychronize Facebook, LinkedIn, and XING to upload your SlideShare presentation automatically

    While this is an option, also keep in mind that your audience may be different on each platform so you might rather tailor a message for them on each platform and post the presentation manually.

    During our #AtomicChat, Debbie passed on some valuable information about using SlideShare presentations in a promoted post on Facebook.

    [blackbirdpie url=""]

    [blackbirdpie url=""]

    6.      Accessibly with other devices iPhone, iPad, Android, and other smartphones

    Aside from viewing SlideShare presentations via a computer, your audience can also check them out on other devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android, and other smartphones, making them accessible for anywhere they go!

    7.      Start a Zipcast!

    A Zipcast includes your Slideshare presentation (slides, video and audio) and a chat. You can have a public chat, invite everyone you know and make it go viral. Or, you can keep it private, for one on one sessions or for a small group. It’s a lot like a conference call, but now you can include a presentation so your audience can follow along.

    8.      Customise your brand on your SlideShare Channel

    A lot like your company’s Facebook page or LinkedIn page, you can customize your SlideShare channel to show your audience the look and feel of your brand, helping them to get to know you more.

    9.      Use ShareShare’s LeadShare option

    It’s SlideShare’s lead generation service. You can collect leads via your SlideShare, site, or blog. You can entice them through your engaging and powerful presentations and the PDFs, docs, and/or videos embedded in them.

    10.  Create a public library

    On your SlideShare channel, organize your content into different categories, such as Presentations, documents, videos. It will make it easier for your audience to find your content in their preferred medium then preview it and share it.

    We’ll leave you with this helpful SlideShare presentation, telling you more about the features SlideShare offer and how it can be beneficial to your marketing plan.

    Topics: Content Marketing Strategy, Conversion Rate, Lead Generation

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