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Having an Audience First Mindset with Shane Barker [#AtomicFeature:006]


Who better to learn from then the best of the best?

As 2019 passes us by, we continue to connect with the top content marketing influencers and want to share their insights with you.

If we've learned anything thus far, it's that content is still king.


shane barkerShane Barker is a Digital Strategist, Brand Consultant and Influencer Consultant.

His work in helping companies optimize their approach to digital marketing has been recognized by The Huffington Post, Forbes, Inc., the Content Marketing Institute, Search Engine Journal, Social Media Examiner, Entrepreneur, B2C and more.

He is a digital marketing consultant that helped multiple companies and individuals build their business through sound digital marketing practices.

Check out his insights below: 



1. What are the elements of a successful Content Marketing program?

Designing a content strategy to ensure that your content marketing program is successful takes time and effort.

Here are a few important aspects that you should incorporate into your plan to execute a successful content marketing program:

  • Clear and well-defined program objectives
  • Audience personas or at least an understanding of your target audience
  • A list of relevant and competitive keywords shortlisted after doing thorough research
  • A content calendar
  • Clear content distribution and promotion strategy
  • A way to track and measure the performance of your content marketing program

A content management system that enables easy collaboration among the content team members


2. What are the most common mistakes you have noticed marketers make with their Content Marketing?

Here’s a list of the most common mistakes that content marketers make:

  • Not keeping their audience in mind while creating content and just writing for the sake of writing
  • Being inconsistent with their content publishing and not having a well-planned content calendar
  • Not having clear content goals
  • Taking on too much and focusing more on the quantity of content rather than quality and relevance


3. In your opinion, which brand does Content Marketing really well? Why?

I think LinkedIn is one company that has aced their content marketing game.

They publish user-generated, long-form content that is relevant for their target audience. They remain true to their brand and publish only relevant content on their platform.

It has, in fact, become a credible source of industry-specific, expert content that readers can trust and learn from.

They also encourage the content creators/contributors to promote their respective content pieces, which further enhances the reach of their content.



4. What is your favourite content marketing tool (or hack or resource)?

Hootsuite is one of my favourite tools both for content scheduling and performance analytics.

It is an all-in-one tool that helps with managing all aspects of social media content posting and reporting.



5. What are your predictions for Content Marketing in 2019 and beyond?

The first thing that comes to mind is the rising popularity of visual content, especially videos. And this is going to rise further, driven by the popularity of video-sharing platforms like YouTube, Twitch, TikTok, and now even Instagram.

Vertical videos are one segment that will skyrocket in usage as more platforms support this format now.

The second most important content marketing trend is the rise of influencer and user-generated content.

As people value authenticity and relevance above all else, these types of content will be more popular than branded content. Niche content will continue to gain traction as more marketers will focus on their respective industry niches to avoid competition.


6. How will AI or Machine Learning impact Content marketing?

The biggest benefit of AI and machine learning in content marketing is the ability to personalize your content and keep it more targeted.

It can help you create customized content for varying demographics based on their search history or user intent.

This will solve one of the biggest challenges of content marketing—creating highly-personalized content at scale.



7. What advice would you give to a content marketing newbie?

I think the most important thing for any content marketer is to keep an “audience first” mindset.

Whatever content you create should be relevant and useful for your target audience and written in a way that they understand.


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Published on March 7, 2019

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