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    #AtomicChat Recap: The @ProductPoet On How To Use Social Media To Build And Engage Your Brand's Audience

    As a social media manager for your brand, what is one of the most challenging aspects of your job?

    Getting engagement.

    Whether you're trying to build a new audience or maintain your current following, your brand's social media strategy is now a key component to every brand's marketing strategy. In fact, 91% of retail brands use two or more social media channels, with the apparel industry seeing a 400% increase in 2015 on Instagram (

    Using social media to engage your audience was not lost on our #AtomicChat special guest @ProductPoet. He's worked with brands like GoDaddy, Applebee's, Buzz The Bee (Honey Nut Cheerios), and many more.

    Your top 5 takeaways from the chat:

    1. Twitter is a great outlet to grow your personal brand, and can also support your professional social media endeavours
    2. Real-time marketing can help with keeping your ideas fresh and always on your toes
    3. Social media keeps the door open to unexpected opportunities and connections
    4. Customers now go to a brand's Facebook or Twitter channel for customer service
    5. Understanding your audience is the most important aspect for targeting your social media efforts for maximum return

    As an influencer, poet, social media marketer, consultant, and a deeply engaging and unique individual, the Product Poet is one of the best examples of how you can pursue your passion and work in it too!

    To learn how he did it, here are some of the highlights from our #AtomicChat with the @ProductPoet.

    The origin of the Product Poet persona

    As a former CEO in the social networking industry, and investment banker, his first ever tweet was to Nike (a bad tweet as he put it). The Product Poet persona was created to capture his love of haiku and branding. What he calls "Product Placement".

    He used Twitter to help grow his brand, engaging people through poetry, and peaking the interest of others by practicing poetry on a daily basis.

    By using real-time marketing, poetry, and branding he is able to keep his ideas excitingly different and new. From his unique approach he has been able to connect with other very successful brands and celebrities.

    Working With Other Brands

    The Product Poet has helped brands connect with his followers, expanding their product react. To name a few, he has hosted poetry contests, Twitter chats, Periscope/other live-streaming solutions, and consultations in haiku.

    Tips for Creating Sustainable Engagement

    1. Never complain
    2. Integrate humour (even within your poetry)
    3. Write tongue-in-cheek reviews that are both real and humorous
    4. Offer retweets and personalized tweets

    Product Poet Protip: Try the 1K Tweet Milestone. Write a personal haiku for anyone that retweets

    Steps for launching a successful social media campaign

    1. Understand your audience
    2. Understand your social media channels (i.e., Twitter, Instagram, and Periscope)
    3. Questioning the launch itself. If there was no engagement was there really a campaign at all?
    4. Set benchmarks to see if succeeded in accomplishing your goals
    5. Dedicate time towards pre and post launch activities

    Controlling mishaps on social media

    1. Know if your spelling, grammar, or deleting a tweet will bother your audience
    2. Be smart and quick to ensure that mishaps rarely occur
    3. Apologize where appropriate
    4. Always respond and stay collected
    5. Solve the issue or steer the direction of the conversation

    Brands that are successful on social media are not afriad to keep their doors open to opportunities and to those who simply want to connect. Listening and responding to your community creates long-term connections and humanizes your brand. By creating benchmarks you will be able to gauge where you should improve and where you're golden.

    For more, here are some great excepts directly from the our chat:

    Have an idea for an #AtomicChat topic? Let us know in the comments below and share this with someone you know who is seeking social media tips for their brand!

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