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    Atomic Audit: Customizable Content Analytics Report to Optimize All of Your Communication Pieces

    We are excited to announce our newest offering!

    It’s called Atomic Audit and it aims to provide companies with a report that helps them understand the gaps in their digital communications. It uses the same machine-learning technology that has made the Atomic Reach platform so popular, with several additional features that really delivers value to the end user.

    In a nutshell, Atomic Audit takes a look at your entire website; section-by-section, page-by-page and runs analyses that uncovers its overall complexity and consistency.

    A major reason we decided to offer a service like this is due to consumer demand. As a member of the sales team, I give several demos each week. There are many instances when prospective clients ask about how to apply Atomic Reach to “non-blog” content.

    Learning about concepts as paragraph density, content complexity and consistency prompts clients to question how well optimized their websites and other content assets are and if the company’s messaging speaks in a unified voice.

    Fully customizable analytics

    The Atomic Audit will be highly customizable to each client’s preferences. Are you only interested in optimizing content in the “About Us” section? Or are you curious to see if the “About Us” section and “Services Offered” sections are consistent in terms of content complexity, words used and level of emotion?

    By customizing your portfolio of what to analyze and compare, strategic teams can pinpoint areas of concern or areas where performance is excellent. 

    One unique instance in which the Audit can be applied is with all your outbound communications. Content such as email newsletters and loyalty emails can be analyzed to see if they all speak with the same unique voice of your company.

    The audit can also be applied to internal documents - onboarding packages, training manuals, company documentation, etc. We can tell you what level of complexity each document has, and if that consistent style permeates the corpus of content.

    Such insights are extremely valuable as they could trigger wide sweeping changes in how you “speak” digitally.

    Key Insights for Decision Making

    A shift from an overly complex, jargon filled web presence - to a more simple and less intimidating voice could prove an excellent sales opportunity. Smaller firms; those without dedicated IT staff or an army of accountants, are now viable prospects as they now understand your business and competencies.

    Advantages of consistency in language continue throughout the sales process. While onboarding, Atomic Reach can tell you the level of complexity of the documentation provided to clients. Various versions could be commissioned as a result - now you’ve got both client profiles covered!

    Another internal application of the Atomic Audit could be in regards to training manuals and employee onboarding documentation. Ramp complexity up or down, correct inconsistencies and identify the language and writing style that  best engages your team and organization.

    The Atomic Audit has the potential to be a key quarterly assessment tool - providing strategic teams with a wealth of information for key decision making.

    Let us know what sort of portfolio you would find valuable for your team.

    About the Author:

    Suhash is part of the BizDev team @ AR. When he isn’t at work, Suhash can usually be found parkouring across Toronto with a crossbow. That, or reading a book.

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