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    How Atomic AI Edits All of Your Content in Real-Time

    I'd wager you manufacture, send, and publish more than 20 snippets of content daily.

    Ponder that. When you write emails, blog posts, video scripts, social media posts, reports, new duties on your to-do list, meeting memos, transcriptions, and so much more- you are crafting content. Want more proof? Contently's infographic shows us just how much content is being consumed every minute.

    Contently Infographic - Content Consumed every minute Contently 2016 - snippet of content consumed every minute

    In this age, getting the job done faster AND right the first time is extremely beneficial. The advantages of getting real-time responses on everything you write enables you to react before too much time has passed. In this situation specifically, you will be able to increase the number of happy customers and problems solved. In fact, without real-time feedback, you wouldn't know if you've made an error until you've fully finished and requested a proofread.

    With this in mind, the Atomic Reach team has been developing a platform that gives you editing recommendations for all of the content that you write. During the past 3 years in development, the team has culminated an abundant amount of feedback from our users, industry pros, and other active marketing forums.

    Thanks to them sharing their content creation process with us, the new Atomic AI platform features useful measures that every enterprise team should have in their toolkit when producing content that creates results for 2017 and beyond:

    1. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to support your efforts in developing an adaptive plan
    2. Real-time Feedback that enables you to solve any problems without delay like sending a time-sensitive email responding to a customer's complaints
    3. Measures for emotion and synonyms that can amplify or lessen the emotional impact of your copy to help you hit that balance between effective and resonating content

    The 3 Reasons Why Atomic AI Was Created

     gmail expanded window - target audience and sysnoyms by readability

    1. To emphasize the importance of writing to your audience's readability level.

    At Atomic Reach, it has always been our goal to highlight how strong your content was based on your audience's readability level, but before Atomic AI you truly had no idea as to when you should have actually stopped editing. It was possible that you could have stopped editing a few paragraphs ago because you had already changed the readability level of your content.

    When you are truly writing with your audience in mind, you are able to match your words, tone, format, and style of writing to their preferences. In real life we see this happening all the time. Consider this scenario:

    A father and his 6-year-old daughter are having breakfast. She asks her father, "daddy can we go skating?" The father responds with, "Yes, of course Ruby. Do you know where your skates are?". Then the mother walks into the room and asks what they were talking about, and the father replies with, "I'm taking Ruby skating around 2 this afternoon, will you be joining us?" 

    As you can see the tone and choice of words are very different. This methodology of knowing how to communicate with your audience through your content, extends to truly understaning how complex your writing should really be.

    2. To match the industry's need for real-time feedback.

    Real-time editing feedback in the Atomic AI platform will improve the process of typing without interruption. You will no longer have to type a full piece and then edit it, you can edit as you go using the measures of your choice. 

    Atomic AI

    You can simply start editing within a paragraph by replacing words with the 'Readability' category and watch the paragraph go from a knowledgeable (orange) paragraph to a specialist (green) paragraph.

    As the Paul Blamire (VP of Client Success) positions it:

    Everyone's process is different, but at the end of the day we want to make sure that the feedback they were getting didn't come with a lag between when they wanted it and when it was made available to them.

    3. We realized that the focus of an organisation's content strategy wasn't necessarily based on their blog or news articles.

    A content strategy can feature numerous projects including writing a Facebook post, publishing a story on LinkedIn, creating newsletters, sending emails, writing whitepapers- and the list goes on. The common theme here was that the principles were the same for every piece for an online audience. From this knowledge we took the core of how our platform analyzed content and adapted it to be able to analyze any form of online content.

    With Atomic AI you are now able to write better everywhere. It is a tool that you are capable of using every day rather than once or twice a week.

    2 Ways Atomic AI is Innovating How Your Craft Content

    1. Providing easy-to-execute edits that surpass spelling and grammar recommendations.

    Truly great content means considering not just the standard spelling and grammar, but more importantly how much more impact your words can create with measures that dive deeper into your communications.

    Going further than the standard analysis you see in every writing platform, the innovative Atomic AI is continuously being built to fortify a variety of measures within the combination of readability and structure. With this essential tool you will easily craft content that is both optimized for search and for your audience.

    2. Recommending edits based on the client's engagement data for improved content readability.

    The Atomic AI platform gives marketers the capability to execute content tasks and be able to deliver results. As a client learns about Atomic AI's capabilities, they are able to see feedback based on incoming and historical engagement data. Clients will have no trouble writing for their most engaged audience.

    Without the intake of data and analytics to measure and identify engagement patterns, any platform that claims that they can optimize your content cannot actually guarantee this.

    The model for Atomic AI came from the understanding that artificial intelligence and machine learning technology can help us learn from the past and how improve future performance for users.

    What is Readability Anyway?

    Readability is how uncomplicated or how challenging it is to read something.

    Within the Atomic AI platform- density of syllables, words, sentence, paragraphs and vocabulary are analyzed and classified within 1 in 5 distinct readability levels.



    By being able to sort your content within these 5 levels you are able to write for any audience. This enables you to actively adjust your content to suit one or multiple audiences depending on who you are crafting this content for.

    Say you're a Ph.D. Scientist, whose research is focused on the oncogene RAF kinase and development of RAF kinase inhibitors, and you need to email a fellow pupil (with much less experience) instructions on the analysis you'd like them to conduct. How do you communicate such technical knowledge and processes in your email? 

    With Atomic AI you are able to analyze the current readability level of your content, and then select the audience level you'd like your content to rank for. In this scenario, the scientist's natural language ranks for 'Genius' and with the click of a switch, they are able to edit that content to suit an 'Academic' level reader.

    With these 5 readability levels you able to recognize when you are writing above their heads. Without these sensibilities...

    • You could befuddle your reader
    • Readers will withdraw
    • Your story could be excessively boring or not interesting

    Atomic Team Hopes and Dreams

    We give marketers the ability to align readability with their most engaged audience, driving engagement. In its intelligent design, the team hopes that it will become a necessity in a marketer's toolkit.

    "We want it to be a really essential part of how they're constructing a content marketing program" -Paul Blamire

    Users of Atomic AI are enterprise marketers, who understand the importance of creating quality content. These marketers put in real thought and planning to using content to achieve a goal or deliver results for a goal.

    Atomic AI was created just for this kind of marketer, those who are serious about the quality and proper targeting of their content and communications to customers whether B2B or B2C. Some uses for Atomic AI include:

    • Newsletters
    • Website Copy
    • Blog Posts
    • Whitepapers / Ebooks
    • Emails
    • And More!

    Like many new tools that marketers hear about when it comes to marketing in 2017, adopting intelligent technology seems like an extremely foreign concept. To help ease the process for first-time users who are still new to marketing in this way, Atomic AI was built with marketers in mind regardless of their experience.

    As Joel Traugott of Hubspot describes, "Atomic AI is like a friend helping you to edit". It gives you actionable feedback in how to improve your content, removing the guesswork of applying analysis to strategy and action. This way of work can be implemented with any new or senior-level marketer.

    "We want to be the first platform people use and think about using, when they're thinking about building a content marketing program" -Paul Blamire

    We recommend using Atomic AI at the very first stage of when you're just getting started on your content strategy. With this platform you are able to establish a strong foundation for your content strategy and build upon that, rather than considering your content strategy as an afterthought. Without targeted and well-written content, your story will fall flat, failing to be compelling. Fixing this trend becomes more difficult if you continue bad content practices, so it's imperative to start off on the right foot when it comes to your content strategy.

    On-boarding New Users and Setting Them Up For Success

    Training and truly listening to our users, even digitally holding their hands through the first stages of their trial is extremely crucial to the team. Learning about a platform that has machine learning capabilities, predictive analytics, and real-time feedback usually isn't a common concept for most marketers.

    There is a lot of analysis, data, and recommendations within Atomic AI, which can look pretty daunting, but are all very crucial. The artificial neural network that understands 23 highly researched measures of language and structure continuously grows to improve results- the more data it takes in, the more precise it's recommendations will become. To ensure that there is quality output it continues to add to the three million articles in its database, this constantly growing platform is analyzed on a regular basis. With all of these carefully planned out elements the platform is really able to make a difference for any content marketing task in any industry.

    Unlike many platforms that merely hand you the keys to the car after paying without further instruction or council, the client success team puts their genuine effort into ensuring you'll see an improvement in the effectiveness of your content.

    Keeping Customers Happy

    In the words of our VP of Client Success...

    Nothing Beats A Phone Call.

    For every team that handles client relations, the best way to get feedback from their experiences really means hearing it in their own words- what they like, dislike, and hope to see in the platform.

    Instead of using the phone, many simply send out surveys or only hear from customers when they're angry with an experience or product. People inherently don't think to provide feedback if they aren't prompted to and surveys only allow customers who are limited in time, to answer within certain parameters. They are unable to speak their minds because this method does not feel like a conversation.

    Regardless of what info and data you give them either through their dashboards or through weekly reports, a good client team always goes through the process of teaching clients what that data means and how they can use it.

    Building and Improving Atomic AI based on Feedback

    As Atomic AI continues to expand, the team uses a product roadmap to guide the direction of improvements to its build.

    The product roadmap answers, "what we're building today, tomorrow, next week, next month, next quarter, next year- what are all of the features that should be built, what bugs need to be fixed, and what can be done better." (Paul Blamire)

    Organizing projects at a startup, means efficiently utilizing the time and resources that are available. Adding to that pressure of #startuplife while continuously seeking feedback gathered from clients, continues to impact how Atomic AI changes. By listening to clients and having a plan of attack, users are ensured a great editing experience.

    The Future of Atomic AI

    Atomic Reach has changed its direction from a blogging tool to an overall intelligent content editing friend. It can now be used to give you recommendations on how to improve the copy on any of your marketing materials and communications for your brand. It has become a much more universal tool that can be used for anyone who markets on social media, sends an email, or even creates reports.

    This expansion came with the realization that many brands don't blog and that blogging may not be their main focus in their marketing strategy.

    In the near future Atomic AI will be compatible with other software like chatbots, website customer messaging platforms, messengers, and so much more. It will truly be your data-backed, audience-smart, editing friend in every area you type in.



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