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Atomic AI & HubSpot: Why We Integrated 2 Content Marketing Platforms

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What Is Inbound Marketing and Why Do SMBs Use It

The prime objective of every business is to acquire customers while keeping the cost of acquisition down to the minimum. Unfortunately, traditional outbound marketing techniques such as TV/Radio ads, direct mail, billboards are not only more expensive, but they also deliver a very poor return on investment.

On the contrary, Inbound Marketing is more efficient and has an irresistibly impressive ROI as well. According to HubSpot, the leader in inbound marketing software industry, inbound marketing tactics have generated 54% more leads than many other traditional marketing methods. What’s more, the leads generated cost a whopping 61% less than those acquired using the old marketing techniques.

Why Does It Work?

In the fast-paced world where the attention span is rapidly reducing, your potential customers are much less inclined towards noisy and intrusive marketing efforts. The old-school marketing techniques have earned notoriety and are more likely to get blocked before they make an impact.

Inbound marketing tactics are focused on addressing your prospects’ pressing needs and offering effective answers through education and awareness. As a result, it generates trust and credibility which translate into qualified leads that convert better.

In short, Inbound marketing turns your website into a magnet that pulls customers towards your company.

Think Inbound, Think HubSpot

HubSpot is the undisputed leader in the inbound marketing world, which has a slew of tools to help you create compelling content for your target audience, and share it in a prescribed pattern ideal for your business.
From creating blog posts to scheduling your content to measuring its effectiveness, the HubSpot content marketing tools offer an optimized platform for your business to succeed with lead generation efforts.
It’s no wonder then why the company boasts more than 34,000 customers across 90 countries, and has over 3,400 agencies partners.

What Is Atomic AI and How It's Helping SMBs Transform Their Content Marketing Efforts

One of the toughest tasks in content marketing is content creation itself. Creating content for B2B marketing can get even more intimidating as you target multiple audiences.

Let’s face it - it’s complicated!

With the rising costs of hiring content marketers factored into, not every business can afford a team of full-time content marketers to take care of their content marketing strategy.

However, thankfully, there’s an effective alternative to it. It’s Atomic AI.

Atomic AI is a cutting-edge, content marketing platform that thrives on machine learning, meaning you have an intelligent content marketing machine that optimizes your content in real-time.

Why Does It Work?

Equipped with artificial intelligence, the platform offers you guidance and recommendations across the entire content creation and distribution process, starting from scoring your content to sharing it on your social media channels.

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Even as the Atomic AI platform is engineered with advanced algorithms, the interface is awfully simple. Simply set your target audience readability level, and with the click of a button, it shows you a performance score of your content and recommendations on how to improve it further to match your target audience.

This is exactly why it works for so many businesses around the world.

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Why You Integrate Atomic With HubSpot

Whether you’re a full-time content marketing agency or a small business employing content marketing tactics, you will agree that two platforms can complement each other, and produce extremely great results.

The good news is you can now integrate your Atomic AI account with HubSpot platform.

Here are some compelling benefits of the Atomic-HubSpot Integration:

Predictive Recommendations

Atomic AI employs scientific methods to content marketing. It guides you on how you should write your blog posts for maximum impact on your target audience, by offering real-time, custom and predictive recommendations.

Smart Social Scheduler

The Smart Social Scheduler by Atomic AI advises you when and where you should be sharing your content for maximum engagement. By analyzing and optimizing your blog content and social media posts, Atomic AI helps your content seamlessly pass through to HubSpot for activation. All it takes is just a click of the bottom.

In short, Atomic-HubSpot integration will save tons of time and be more effective content marketing for businesses moving forward.

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Final Thoughts

If you have been planning on getting started with your content marketing, it’s the right time and opportunity to take advantage of the Atomic-HubSpot integration. For those already on these two platforms, integrate your accounts and take your content marketing efforts to the next level.

Sign up for a free Atomic AI account, and integrate your HubSpot account now!

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Susanta Sahoo is founder and chief content marketing strategist at Top League Technologies, a digital marketing start-up in Bhubaneswar, India. By offering SEO consulting services, he helps SMB’s build their online presence and boost ROI. Follow him on Twitter: @ugosus.

Published on November 27, 2017

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