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5 Ways Artificial Intelligence Makes Content Marketing Easier

The Atomic Reach Team | Artificial Intelligence

Content creation and content profiling are the most significant responsibilities for today’s content marketers.

Content Marketing increases mindshare for brands among consumers by serving relevant content that they are seeking.

Artificial intelligence is reshaping the content marketing landscape.

It is playing a significant role in enhancing digital marketing and helping marketers make well-informed, real-time decisions that have a huge impact on their business performance.


Is Content Creation Easy Without AI?

Manual content creation is a tedious process as it is not just time consuming but it also requires a lot of efforts to be put in by the marketing team, digital agencies, and thought leaders.

Moreover, content marketing is evolving and brands are moving from buyer persona based content strategies to audience intelligence strategies.

Demand for hyper-personalized content is also on the rise, making the content creation process really challenging for marketers. Given the increasing demand for content and the limited time available, manual content creation proves to be tough for marketers.

The aforesaid reasons highlight the potential of artificial intelligence in the content creation process.

Artificial intelligence is generally applied to tasks that are very time-intensive for humans, to make them more efficient and most importantly, to make money from content.


How Artificial Intelligence Can Help Content Creation?




Data Driven Feedback While Creating Content

One of the key challenges in content creation is understanding the performance of various content marketing initiatives taken by the brand in the past. Without insights from past performance, brands cannot improve or enhance their content marketing efforts.

Artificial Intelligence tools provide data-driven feedback and insights to content creators. By creating a continuous data-driven feedback loop, your content creation efforts will be more effective and will yield greater success.

AI has given rise to a new field called content intelligence. Content Intelligence has become a new catchphrase in the marketing and data analytics world.

American Marketing Association defines content intelligence as the systems and software that transform content data and business data into actionable insights for content strategy and tactics with impact.

Intelligent content refers to content that is structured and optimized for performance aimed at creating a better experience for customers.

Businesses are using content intelligence create personalized content based on their prospective audience’s preferences, challenges, and thought processes.

With a Content Intelligence Platform, you can derive actionable insights, save time, produce better content and deliver incredible results.


Application Of AI In Content Profiling

The internet is overloaded with humongous volumes of content and AI can streamline your content creation process by creating a content profile.

Content profiling involves taking complete stock of all your existing posts and web pages to understand its performance as well as the impact on customers.

This would take enormous time if done manually.


Image result for content profiling


On the other hand, artificial intelligence can help you in managing your content, saving you several hours of time crawling through outdated blog posts on your website.

AI can conduct a content audit for your website quickly and effectively, letting you know which of the content pieces are lacking depth and how to improve them.

By auditing your content and creating a content profile, you can see which posts perform well and outdo the others.

You can understand which posts contribute to better engagement and producing the most leads. Such an analysis would enable you to spend time creating content that you know will generate results.


Topic Inspiration Using Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence based predictive analytics systems can predict audience reactions and sentiment for distinct topics giving content marketers an understanding of which subjects will drive better performance.

AI can automatically perform competitive research on topics selected, to ensure that its worth spending time. AI based content strategy tools use machine learning to help content marketers discover content ideas and offer suggestions about which topic clusters to pursue.

Below are few AI based tools that can help in topic inspiration for content marketing

HubSpot's content strategy tool allows you to identify topic clusters that can drive organic traffic to your website. Additionally, it helps you to track all your significant topic clusters in one dashboard and watch your traffic increase over time as you build search authority.

Concured's AI-powered content strategy platform shows marketers what topics drive engagement and what to write about next.

Check out our article on ‘Applications of AI to Help You Speed Up Content Creation’ to know about various AI-driven content marketing tools that can make lives easy for content marketers.


Sentence/Content Generation Using Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence helps content marketers create content automatically utilizing algorithms. We often read that artificial intelligence would soon replace content writers.

The primary technology that powers AI based content creation is Natural Language Generation (NLG). NLG is used to convert computerized data into written narratives.

NLG solutions are powerful content marketing solutions that help users achieve faster content creation.

Simple stories such as stock market updates and sports reports are already being written by AI based software.

News articles are also being written by bots. Washington Post’s robot reporter, Heliograf, has published over 850 articles in the past year. Here is an example of content generated by Heliograf.

“Republicans retained control of the House and lost only a handful of seats from their commanding majority, a stunning reversal of fortune after many GOP leaders feared double-digit losses.”

With the advancement in AI technologies, we can anticipate to come across long form articles written by bots take over the content marketing world.


Artificial Intelligence Improves Content Accuracy

While creating huge amounts of content, testing the content you have created for accuracy is challenging. Proofreading is a time consuming and strenuous task.

This is where AI based tools like Atomic Reach have a huge potential to play a significant role.

These tools aid in checking spellings, grammar, emotion, paragraph density, and many other aspects to ensure that the content is suited for your target audience.

Manual proofreading is a risky and time consuming process that leaves room for human error.

Hence while creating content, having an automated software based proofreading platform is better than human proofreading.





AI Facilitates Creation Of Hyper Personalized Content

Creating content that is personalized according to preferences of each customer has been a top priority for marketers for quite some time. However, implementing this approach can prove to be demanding for content marketers.

For effective customization, businesses need massive amounts of customer data to be collected and analyzed.

Advancements in AI technology is slowly making this feasible.




Businesses are utilizing artificial intelligence based software to track consumer behaviour and preferences.

Machine learning algorithms are gathering relevant data from customers across various touch points so that marketers can build specific profiles.

Brands use this data to create unique content that is specific to each user and maintain unique tailored brand experiences for each user.


To Artificial Intelligence and Beyond!

As we wrap up the digital marketing strategies for 2018 and look towards 2019 trends, artificial intelligence based content marketing tools are a must adopt for content marketers.

By implementing artificial Intelligence based content creation processes, businesses can achieve personalized messaging, improve performance and boost content marketing ROI.

Written by: Michael Bibla

Michael is the Content Strategist at Atomic Reach, an all-in-one enterprise platform built to boost content performance. He is on a mission to empower marketers with actionable data so they make more informed decisions about their content strategy.

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