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Five Ways Artificial Intelligence Makes Content Scoring Easier


The time to evaluate your content marketing is now, but what's the best way to understand it?

Content Scoring is one of the most effective ways to evaluate your content marketing and uncover why your content is performing well (or poorly).

It is known to be a time consuming and somewhat complicated process.

Luckily, we are living in a technological age where emerging technologies such as AI are making our jobs as marketers much easier.


How Does AI Affect Content Scoring?

Content Scoring helps you automate your content creation process.

It allows you to use the insights extracted from your historical content to assist you in creating content in the future. 

By using these insights, there is a better chance of your content resonating with your audience and helping you achieve your business goals.

AI can help you streamline this process even further by giving you the ability to make your workflow more efficient, while pulling insights from your data in an unbiased way.


For example, a Content Intelligence Platform can analyze data such as time on page, conversions, click-through rates, and even word count, and recognize patterns in this data to help you develop a winning content creation formula.

Source: Atomic Reach


3 Ways AI Makes Content Scoring Easier

An Algorithmic Approach

As content marketers (or even total novices), we can often get caught in the trap of relying on our gut.

We think we know our audience inside and out, and just have this hunch that they will love our idea for this new piece of content.

While having a gut instinct is definitely something a marketer needs, generating content with no data or proof that we will see a good ROI from it or that our audience will enjoy it, results in wasting time and resources on content that doesn't perform how we had hoped. 

Using an algorithm to generate a content score rather than just going off human instinct means you get more accurate insights that will gain better results in improving your content strategy.

AI can not only give you a ton of data about key content marketing metrics that are used to help generate a content score but it can also analyze the readability of content, something humans can't do without bias.

As content creators we can often be guilty creating content that has:

  • Big paragraphs,
  • Includes too much information,
  • Long sentences,
  • Includes jargon to makes us appear like we are experts,
  • Poor layout without enough breaks,
  • Etc, etc 

AI understands the context of your writing and use language analysis to give helpful suggestions that will improve readability, that in turn will lead to you creating content that your audience enjoys more.

As creators, it is difficult to figure out what to change to improve the readability of a piece of content. AI takes out the guesswork out and its algorithmic approach simplifies the process allowing you to include readability in our content scoring in a data-driven way, without human bias.


Real-Time Feedback

As a content marketer, you are likely creating multiple pieces of written content a day. Writing blog posts, articles, website content, white papers, and social media posts, it can seem like you spend your entire life typing.

When scoring content manually you have to wait for the content to be put out for enough time to generate interest, traffic, clicks etc. Then you collect the data and score at a certain point in time to generate your score.

With AI you can get real-time feedback, with content scoring that is consistently updated for each piece of content using the data collected and the content scoring algorithm.

As businesses, this provides a distinct advantage over manual content scoring as it allows your brand to own the moment.

In fact, a study of marketers found that 76% thought that real-time marketing increased audience engagement.

The power of real-time feedback gives you a huge advantage over competitors as you can see what content is performing well in a certain moment and then leverage that knowledge to promote it further and generate more traffic.

Real-time feedback is vital if you are in an industry that often uses current event and trends within its content. For example, if you have created a new piece of content in response to a piece of breaking news you can get immediate metrics and a content score to see if your audience is responding to it as you hoped.


Identify Trends in Your Content

Knowing what makes your content perform is the key to generating more conversions. If you have a large amount of content, it can be difficult to analyze and pick out trends from your content scoring. 

AI can analyze huge quantities of data in seconds and quickly pick up key trends that show exactly what your unique audience enjoy. From this, you can create a content formula including all the things you now know your audience love and have this data readily available in an easy to read format.

 Source: HubSpot


For example, different word lengths can be more effective in improving CTR.

According to research by HubSpot, blog post titles with 8-12 words get the most social shares.

Orbit Media found that the average blog post is 1142 words long and knowing the length of content your competitors are posting can influence your own strategy as you will want to give more in-depth answers to your customer questions to establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry.

While these are just average values, AI analyzes yours, and your competitor's specific data so you can identify trends within your own content.

You might find that actually your audience prefers longer content, or they might engage best with content that is made up of lots of short sentences. 

Knowing these trends will influence your future content marketing strategies. You will be able to create content that you not only can be assured will perform well but that will actually provide a better experience for your users, improving your relationship with them and increasing brand loyalty.

Content Scoring can seem like a daunting task, but with AI it doesn't have to be.

AI provides you with data in an easy to read an actionable format to help you better understand your audience and what makes them tick. 

These insights can be gained quickly with AI’s incredible speed and a content scoring algorithm that takes into account more data points than a human ever could.

Not only does AI allow for more accurate and faster content scoring but it frees up your time as a content marketer to get back to doing what you love - creating content!


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Published on February 5, 2019