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Applications of AI to Help You Speed Up Content Creation

The Atomic Reach Team | Artificial Intelligence
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The content marketing industry is growing at an exponential rate. According to Forrester, US marketers spent in excess of $10 billion on content in 2016.

B2B content marketing professionals always strive to get boost the ROI on their marketing dollar.

The conventional content marketing processes have always been increasingly manual and repetitive, limited the scope for growth of your content marketing ROI.

However, the emergence of automation and AI-driven content marketing platforms have offered B2B businesses a sigh of relief.

Here are some AI-driven content marketing tools to make lives easy for content marketers.

AI-Powered Keyword Research Tools

Keyword research is often a time-consuming process. The larger the size of your website, the longer it takes to gather keyword data.

Manual keyword research is passé. We’ve officially entered an era when we can ill afford to spend time on repetitive keyword research tasks that can be easily automated. Check out these artificial intelligence powered keyword research tools to automate your keyword research efforts.

Twinword: Twinword is probably one of the few AI-powered SEO tools that help you speed up your keyword research process. The tool offers LSI keywords and trending keywords in easy-to-understand visual formats. With this tool, you can automatically detect the user's intent and use filters to establish your target keywords.

Keyword Tool: Keyword Tool, as the name goes, helps you discover more keywords using Google Autocomplete. You can use this tool even without creating an account and it shows you up to 20 long-tail keywords for a given query.



Keyword Country: Keyword Country is another AI-powered keyword research tool that claims to give you 10x more keywords than Google’s Keyword Planner, grouped into ready-to-go concepts.

LSI Graph: While you can use all the above keyword research tools, they are free only for limited usage. If you’re looking for a free tool with no string attached, LSI Graph can do the trick for you. Also known as LSI Keyword Generator, it generates LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) Keywords automatically saving you tons of time.

AI-Powered Content Writing Platforms

Creating content for your digital marketing campaigns is arguably one of the most challenging tasks. It requires a great deal of understanding of the subject matter, industry dynamics and a flair for articulating one’s thoughts. Most importantly, one needs to be creative enough to deliver content that resonates with the target audience.

All the traits explained above certainly mean one must be a human to perform such creative tasks with success. However, with the radical evolutions in the technology world, today, there are many AI-powered NLG platforms that are threatening to take over the human writers.

Here are some content writing platforms that thrive on machine learning to deliver targeted content for your digital marketing campaigns.

Quill: Developed by Narrative Science, Quill is an advanced natural language generation (NLG) platform to create meaningful content from data.

Wordsmith: Like Quill, Wordsmith also translates data into text its sophisticated NLG platform

Articoolo: Driven by an AI-powered algorithm, Articoolo promises to simulate human writers and delivers unique articles on a given topic and word count specifications.

WordAI: WordAI is designed to help you spin articles on demand. If you’re planning rewrite any existing articles on the web, without running into duplicate content issues, this tool promises to do the job for you.

Download this whitepaper to see how AI can improve user engagement.

AI-Powered Content Intelligence Platform

Creating great content isn’t really over until it’s proofread by a professional and optimized for the target audience.

Considering the complexity of a given industry, the job of making your audience resonate with your audience is harder than you think.

Considering the diverse demographics and audience personas, you should optimize your content well enough to make a powerful impact on your readers.

This is precisely why we’ve designed Atomic Reach , our AI-powered content intelligence platform. Atomic Reach leverages neural networks and machine learning to evaluate your content, helping you optimize and articulate your sentences better.


Unlike some other content proofreading tools out there, Atomic AI isn’t limited to helping your text get better at spelling and grammar. It helps you improve your content for a given audience and suggest the words and phrases you should use to match the readability level of your target audience.

In short, Atomic AI is your content optimization expert on steroids.

Final Thoughts

The rapid growth in the AI-powered content marketing platforms is poised to change the digital marketing game on its head. The marriage of machine learning with customer data will not only make it easy for marketers to get more out of their marketing efforts but augment their return on investment. Being a key component of digital marketing campaigns, content creation will massively benefit from the AI revolutions.

Written by: Michael Bibla

Michael is the Content Strategist at Atomic Reach, an all-in-one enterprise platform built to boost content performance. He is on a mission to empower marketers with actionable data so they make more informed decisions about their content strategy.

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