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    Why Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the Future of Content Marketing

    Gone are the days when basic customer data such as demographic details would be adequate for businesses to craft and optimize their marketing message. With the paradigm shift in digital space coupled with rapidly evolving consumer behavior, the conventional approach is no longer effective.

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    Topics: artificial intelligence, Content Marketing Strategy, future

    5 Good Reasons Why Small Businesses Should Budget for Social Media Marketing

    Sometimes when you’re running your small business, it seems like there’s a new expense around every corner. From suppliers to employees to insurance to sales commission -- it’s only natural that you’d be looking to cut corners where you can to pay for the stuff you have to.

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    Topics: budgeting, Conversions, small business marketing

    How to Leverage LinkedIn Groups to Promote Your Brand

    LinkedIn is decidedly the most popular social networking tool for working professionals and recruiters. A mecca for headhunters, it boasts a whopping 400 million users from across 200 countries. According to a survey by ComScore, LinkedIn is the 13th most popular site in the United States. But that’s not all - the site also accounts for 64% of all visits from social media channels to corporate, as per a study by Econsultancy.

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    Topics: brand awareness, Content Marketing Strategy, social media groups

    Why Readability Matters: How to Improve Readability for B2B Audience

    If you’ve been around in the content marketing and blogging industry for a few years, you must have released the power of readability.

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    Topics: b2b marketing, Content Marketing Strategy, readability

    How To Gain an Edge Over Competitors With a Knowledge Base

    It’s not the money that makes the business world go round, it is knowledge. In today’s Information Age, the competitive leader is the one who holds the largest amount of data in their hands, and understands how to use it in their advantage. The data, of course, has to be actionable and structured. That’s where knowledge base software systems come into play. By providing a self-serving library that’s available from a single, easily accessible place, these innovative solutions can resolve virtually every key problem area of your business. The question is, can they obtain a strong competitive edge?

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    Topics: competitive advantage, Content Marketing Strategy, knowledge level

    Why Content Consistency is Key, and How It Can Boost Your Strategy

    Regardless of the resounding success content marketing has brought to companies that have embraced content marketing, there are many that still fail to see positive results.

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    Topics: boost, Content Marketing Strategy, content consistency

    How To Use Content Marketing To Improve Your Brand Image

    What is branding? It’s a perception generated by creating a positive experience for your customers.

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    Topics: Content Marketing Strategy, how to, brand image

    Why The Quality Of Your Content Is More Important Than The Quantity

    Quality-vs-Quantity is an age-old debate in the content marketing world. However, with the growing emphasis on authority content, content marketers are now beginning to look at with a fresh perspective. Content marketing dynamics can be complex and vary from business to business in terms of results and effectiveness. Therefore, it’d be really hard, and rather simplistic to pick a clear winner. That said, a few recent cases studies have stated that quality content is the cornerstone of every successful content marketing campaign.

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    Topics: Content Marketing Strategy, content quality, content quantity