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    How AI Can Improve User Engagement [Infographic]

    If you are a marketer, there is no doubt you are aware of AI-based companies cropping up across the industry. What was once thought of as a “fad” has now evolved into a full-blown movement, thanks to growth in funding initiatives, emerging success stories and intuitive new companies.

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    Topics: Content Marketing Strategy, user engagement

    Benefits of Attending B2B Marketing Ignite Conference 2017

    B2B Marketing Ignite 2017 is one of the most talked-about and sought-after business conferences catering to the B2B marketers around the world. Known as the B2B Marketing Summit earlier, Ignite 2017 offers B2B marketers a unique opportunity to interact with hundreds of smart marketers in the B2B domain and learn new ideas and tools from the best in the industry.

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    Topics: business conference, ignite conference 2017

    Five Tips For Marketing Products To A Millennial Audience

    Like it or not, millennials make things happen. They’re the most connected, tech-savvy generation to ever exist, and currently make up the biggest part of the global workforce. What that means from an eCommerce stance is that they have enormous purchasing power - to the extent that unless you can 100% guarantee that they’ll never be interested in your brand, you cannot afford to ignore them.

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    Topics: branding, Content Marketing Strategy, demographics, social media marketing, b2c marketing, millennials

    How to Plan and Execute a Conference Strategy

    Hosting conferences is one of the best ways to promote your business and increase your brand exposure. According to Bruce Carlisle, former CEO of, a staggering 40 million Americans attend a convention, trade show or conference each year. A successful conference requires meticulous planning and immaculate execution.

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    Topics: business conference

    5 Social Media Marketing Mistakes that Hurt Your B2B Lead Generation Strategies

    The B2B social media marketing industry has been growing exponentially over the past few years. As per a study by Content Marketing Institute, as many as 93% of B2B companies embrace social media marketing as a potential tactic to generate leads and build positive narratives around their brand and products. In fact, 54% of B2B companies said they successfully generated leads from their social media campaigns. However, there are still many B2B companies that are unable to see any impressive ROI from their social media efforts. Are you one of them? Chances are you have been following ineffective and outdated social media tactics. It’s time to learn from your mistakes and start anew.

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    Topics: b2b marketing, Social Marketing, Social Media

    5 Secret LinkedIn Marketing Tips that Offer a Competitive Edge

    Even though LinkedIn is a huge platform for B2B small businesses and startups to boost outreach and gain qualified leads, it’s actually easier said than done. With intense competition among companies to entice prospects, how do you stand out and market yourself differently to wield the competitive edge? What if you don’t have a huge budget for LinkedIn marketing and you’re unable to go out with all guns blazing?

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    Topics: b2b marketing, linkedin marketing

    6 Ways to Suck at B2B Twitter Marketing (and How Not to)

    Social media tools, especially Twitter, provide a powerful channel for B2B marketing to generate leads, boost ROI and connect with customers. From Brand Watch to Social Media Today, every social media influencer highly recommends leveraging the micro-blogging platform to drive your B2B marketing campaign. In fact, Nielsen’s new 2016 Social Media Report has found that consumers are now spending 5.5 hours each week on social media, becoming savvier than ever. It says social media is the new megaphone for consumers whom businesses must take “very seriously” or risk damaging their hard-earned repute.

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    Topics: Twitter marketing, b2b marketing, Social Marketing, Social Media

    Personalisation Marketing: Leveraging Customer Data for Marketing Success

    Technology has become a critical component of the modern marketing mechanism. Today, a majority of consumers are extremely savvy about what they want as they have easy access to updated information at their fingertips, quite literally. What’s more, they are even ready to pay for personalized experiences and offers from their favorite brands.

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    Topics: Sales & Marketing, Content Marketing Strategy, Technology, customer data, marketing database, personalization marketing, customer experience

    How Technology Is Changing Digital Marketing

    The technological innovations have transformed the marketing practices in ways few had imagined before.

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    Topics: Sales & Marketing, Content Marketing Strategy, marketing, martech, Social Media, Technology