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    How To Really Optimize Your Content for RankBrain

    If your job description incorporates generating quality content for your audience, you are going to have your work cut out for you when it comes to Google Search.

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    Topics: SEO, SERP, Content Marketing Strategy, google search rank, RankBrain, search rank

    Selling Saas Software to Enterprise: Challenges, Benefits and Best Practices

    According to North Bridge's Future of Cloud Computing Survey 2015, with a spreading presence in 77.3% of all organizations, SaaS is the most used cloud technology, today. Compared to its relatively minuscule adoption (9%) in 2014. SaaS software has indeed come a long way.

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    Topics: Sales & Marketing, software, cloud, cloud technology, enterprise, marketing, ROI, saas, saas marketing, sales, software as a service, Technology

    How Link Building Will Boost Your Website's SEO

    SEO and the ability to get to the top of internet searches is constantly changing. Whether you are selling jewelry, or you are a legal services provider, knowing how to optimize your website for search engine traffic is essential.

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    Topics: search, SEO, SERP, website optimization, Content Marketing Strategy, digital marketing, domain authority, link backs, link building, online marketing, page authority, web traffic, website

    Are You Looking For Love Online? Write Your Dating Profile With AI and Atomic Love

    If you search my name on the web, you will get results ranging from considerate lover to the smartest man in the world. Both are true and it is for these reasons I found this project to be so interesting personally. If I haven't lost you yet, the project I am talking about is a fun and valuable little execution called Atomic Love.

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    Topics: artificial intelligence, b2c, Content Marketing Strategy, dating online, marketing campaign, online dating, seasonal content, Technology, valentines day, vday, writing tips

    What factors should you A/B test when you want to maximize content performance? [Infographic]

    Marketers have long known the benefits of A/B testing their content. The situations that warrant A/B testing vary depending on the specific organization. They may be looking to increase the click-through rate on a particular call to action (CTA) on their product page, boosting the open-rate of their sales emails or ramping up the click-through rate of their monthly marketing newsletter. With the help of A/B testing on various aspects of the piece of content, marketers can hone in on what makes it tick. 

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    Topics: Sales & Marketing, SEO, Uncategorized, Content Marketing Strategy

    Building Leadership on Social Media: Best Practices for Bloggers

    If you want to be a successful blogger, you must master how to communicate with other bloggers across social media channels.

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    Topics: Thought Leadership, blogger, blogging, brand awareness, brand growth, Content Marketing Strategy, Conversions, engagement, inbound marketing, influencers, Lead Generation, online engagement, Social Media, social media marketing

    Is your audience's engagement being negatively impacted by content length? [Infographic]

    Content length has long been a passionately debated topic. 

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    Topics: Uncategorized, Content Marketing Strategy, writing tips