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    Is Your Blog Too Casual For Your Audience?

    “Should I be using did not or didn’t here?...Did my writing go from casual in the beginning to formal near the end?” Commence rewrite and blogging paranoia.

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    10 Tips To Get More Impact On Your Blog Posts

    Have you ever published a blog post, and saw almost no traffic coming back to your site or on social media? Competing to get the attention of the 329 million people who read the thousands of blogs published a day, means taking extra care in every phase of blogging.

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    6 Types of Content to Convert Prospects Into Customers

    Lead conversion: it’s the name of the game.

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    13 Tools You Need to Give Great Writing An Extra Boost

    Whether you're a beginner or the most seasoned blogger, the content you write could always use a boost. Knowing what makes a blog achieve high traffic and shareability means competing with over 20,000 blog posts a day.

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    Topics: writing, analytics, blog writing, blogging, Content Marketing Strategy, editing, engagement, insights, online writing, Social Media, writing tips