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    Superlatives: Are You A User?

    How would you describe someone as the most super at something? You’d use a superlative of course! Bad jokes aside, a superlative can either be an adverb or adjective, and is used to describe that which is greater than anything else.

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    How to have a Bangin' Blog in 20 Tips

    There is always something we forget to remember when we're writing a blog, and there are just as many blogs telling you what you shouldn't forget. Some common questions bloggers continuously encounter include:

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    3 Capitalization Rules for Titles

    Capitalization should be easy. We were taught to start the beginning of sentences with capitals and end them with a period or proper punctuation. Choosing where to place an uppercase letter in a title was never a problem before, but with print becoming an outdated form of written communication, writers are now transitioning to the web. Bloggers and copywriters continue to have difficulty knowing where they should capitalize a word in a title, and many fallback on simply capitalizing every word to avoid taking the chance of choosing incorrectly.

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    Grammar Games: 5 Common Grammar Mistakes

    We’ve all made at least one of these five common grammar mistakes, and we can’t seem to shake them. There's that mental debate we have with ourselves, ‘should I use who or whom’ here? The trick of reading it out loud doesn’t seem to help, and asking a friend or co-worker could jumble up your thoughts even more. There's nothing worse than publishing something, or submitting work with these grammar errors because you know you are fully capable of distinguishing the two. You constantly need to Google, Wiki, or each word to ensure that you are using the right one.

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    Topics: Content Marketing Strategy, grammar, grammar mistakes, writing tips

    4 Foolproof Proofreading Tips

    The foundation of any great writer is their ability and dedication to proofread every work that they put out into the world. Though for most writers this is more easily said than done. Check out a few of these handy tips to improve your editing skills.

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    Topics: writing, Content Marketing Strategy, edit, proofread

    Stick To Your Blogging Schedule With 3 Easy Tweaks To Your Life

    There are hundreds of articles on the topic of coming up with, and sticking to a blogging schedule. There are the usual tips, from keeping a planner to map out every activity of your week, to designating a specific block of time every day to writing. Without setting up the right environment and head space for yourself, all the planners in the world will not help you stick to your schedule. That is why we will focus on a few extra tips that will help you achieve the right frame of mind to tackle your new schedule.

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    Writing Emotional Content That Captivates Your Audience

    If you have ever written for a large audience, you know the struggle of getting them to connect to your writing. And with the sheer amount of content out there today it can seem impossible to create that perfect viral piece that will resonate with your readers. However there is a simple way to create content that will be both engaging and shareable: utilizing the emotional argument in your writing.

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    Topics: Content Marketing Strategy, emotional content, emotions, virality

    How to Brainstorm Blog Topics and Collaborate With Guest Bloggers #AtomicChat

    On Monday, June the 1st, we discussed how to effectively brainstorm blog topics and collaborate with guest bloggers. Ann Smarty was our Twitter chat guest, making it a successful discussion (as we knew she would!) and it left us inspired. How do you come up with blog post ideas and do you work with guest bloggers (or are you one yourself)?

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    5 Interesting Ways to Promote Your Blog Posts

    The quote "If you build it they will come" does not apply to bloggers. While it is rewarding to build a website, secure a name and most importantly, produce content, you are only half-way to blogging success. Proper distribution and promotion will dictate if your blog posts soar high or fall flat. Luckily, we're going to show you five exciting new and creative ways for you to promote your blog posts and get the exposure you deserve. 

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