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    7 Best Practices for Editing Your Articles

    Whether you are a writer or editor, you will want to achieve the best you can with your content. Take note of this list of seven pointers to be sure you are following the best practices when editing your articles.

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    Topics: Content Marketing Strategy, edit, editing, grammar, proofread

    3 Ways to Keep on Top of Consistent Blogging

    Finding time to blog every day is incredibly difficult, especially without a game plan. Obstacles to consistent blogging can happen at any time. Check out these tips to avoid the most common reasons for inconsistent blogging.

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    Topics: bloggers, blogging, consistent blogging, content calendar, Content Marketing Strategy

    3 Ways to Kick Your Writer's Block to the Curb

    Writer’s block is a struggle that all writers have experienced in their lives. It is incredibly frustrating to deal with especially with deadlines looming ahead. But fear not, this phenomenon of the writing profession has thankfully been explored and, of course, written about by thousands. Check out these tips to battle writer’s block.

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    Topics: writer's block, Content Marketing Strategy

    6 Ways to Write Titles That Capture Your Audience’s Attention

    In 2014, the WordPress network (blogs hosted either on or externally-hosted WordPress sites) published an average of 17 blog posts per second. Yes, per second!

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    Topics: article, audience, blog, Content Marketing Strategy, title

    'Why I Blog' With Mary Wallace

    This is a guest post by Mary Wallace. Mary Wallace is a results-focused B2B Modern Marketer and Marketing Automation Expert. She is the VP of Marketing Services at Activate. You can connect with her on LinkedIn and Twitter

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    Topics: blog, blogging, Content Marketing Strategy, marketing