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    How a Health Clinic Blog Scores Big by Producing Quality Content

    Our first priority at Atomic Reach is to assist our users to write intelligent content and ultimately improve your audience engagement. How do we know we can help? The proof is in the page views, we conduct case studies with our avid users to track improvement in engagement and the content quality.

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    How MarTech and Content Marketing Work Together

    This week's #AtomicChat produced 2.8M impressions and 791.3K reach.

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    'Why I Blog' With Mark Evans

    This is a guest post by Mark Evans. Mark Evans is a marketing and brand storytelling consultant. He blogs at Mark recently published a book, Storytelling for Startups, which provides entrepreneurs with strategic and tactical guidance to embrace the power of story-driven marketing.

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    How Brands Can Be Better Storytellers

    On Monday, March the 30th, 2015, we welcomed back our friend Mark Evans to the #AtomicChat stage. We talked about how brands must become better storytellers because we live in an increasingly noisy world. People, consumers and fans alike want to feel a human connection with brands. It is through stories where people are engaged in ways that are entertaining and educating.
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    How Do You Know When You Need Content Scoring Technology?

    There are a lot of great tech tools available right now for marketers. All you have to do is look at the Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic 2015. There are over 1,800 vendors in 43 categories. That’s an overwhelming amount of choice. Even more mind blowing than walking down the cereal aisle at Target.

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