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    5 Reasons Why Your Digital Audience Is Different

    It has occurred to me, and I'm sure to you, that our audiences are evolving. They aren't glued to their TVs to get the latest sports information, they don't pick up the newspaper at day's end for the "late edition" recap of what's gone on, and generally they don't sit in one place waiting for our life changing message.

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    Topics: audience, Content Marketing Strategy, digital audience

    6 Amazing First-Impression Tips to Make Your Title Stand Out

    Creating a lasting impact and drawing in your reader is a little bit like dating, first impression is key! Just like a first date, the first impression is imperative, similar to how the title is a critical facet of your blog post.

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    Topics: article, Content Marketing Strategy, emotion, superlative, title

    Why Structuring Content Appropriately For Your Audience Isn't About You

    Technically speaking, I am a horrible writer from a grammar perspective.. So terrible in fact that when my eleven year old daughter came to me this week to help her with some grammar homework, I looked at her work sheet and was admittedly ashamed that I couldn't help her. It brought back memories of grade school where I spent many hours in the hallways, being disciplined for being a smart ass or a verbally abusive teacher killer.

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    Topics: audience, Content Marketing Strategy

    5 Reasons Why Writing Your Story For People Matters More Than SEO

    Lately, there is an enormous focus on great storytelling. Don't we all want to tell a great story each time we have a message to communicate to our audience?

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    Topics: SEO, writing, blog, Content Marketing Strategy

    How Your Social Media Strategy Can Dramatically Shift in 2015

    On March 16 2015, we welcomed the fabulous Britt Michaelian on the #AtomicChat stage. We talked about the many ways social media strategies will dramatically shift in 2015 and what marketers can do about it. Check out the full Storify recap here.

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    Topics: Content Marketing Strategy, Conversions, marketers, Social Media

    What Score Do The Top Posts on LinkedIn Pulse Achieve?

    For a while now I've been curious about how the top articles on LinkedIn would score when analyzed by the Atomic Reach platform.

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    Topics: atomic ally, Content Marketing Strategy, engagement, linkedin pulse

    Contributing Writers: Check For Content Quality With This App

    We are always tinkering with our favorite app: the Atomic App for Chrome. Fresh out of the lab, we have added a new feature to the extension! Now, we're making it easier for people to collaborate and share their content with other blogs and publications.

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    Topics: Content Marketing Strategy