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    3 Ways to Convince Your C-Suite to Love Your Content Marketing Strategy

    You live in a world where "content is king" and the digital space is more relevant and powerful than ever before.  Brands can make products look enticing in advertisements on both TV and online but it is ultimately the audience that requires reassurance and trust in order to buy-in to whatever it is you are selling.

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    Topics: c-suite, Content Marketing Strategy

    How To Justify The Cost Of Your Content Marketing Program

    There really is no question mark around content marketing anymore.  Content Marketing is crucial for every brand whether you are a B2B or a B2C brand.

    A report by Edelman brings to light many of the key reasons why content marketing is essential for marketers.

    EDELMAN BRANDSHARE 2014: A MANIFESTO FOR BRAND SURVIVAL is a study that proves the importance for brands to survive and thrive today and into the future.

    Two big questions that remain: 1) how to measure return on investment and 2) how to justify the cost of content marketing.  These are both questions you want and need to answer since Content Marketing is a meaningful investment in time and money.

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    Topics: Content Marketing Strategy

    5 Tips to Engage Your Audience With Visual Content

    People love visuals. It really is as simple as that. Want to engage your audience? Give them something to really connect to. They are already on the Internet looking to do so. And with so many options available for visual content delivery—photos, videos, gifs, infographics, animations, etc.—there's no excuse not to use them in some way.

    Here are five tips to help you engage with your audience using visual content.

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    Topics: Content Marketing Strategy

    7 Tips from Ann Handley on How to Create Ridiculously Good Content

    Do you ever wonder how you can write better, or better yet, how to hate writing less?

    How do you create engaging content that is truly going to drive business for your organization?

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    Topics: write better, ann handley, Content Marketing Strategy, engaging content

    How to Eliminate the Bottlenecks of Content Marketing

    Our latest weekly #AtomicChat focused on the bottlenecks of content marketing and welcomed Brody Dorland, co-founder of DivvyHQ, as our special guest.

    The first question to kick off the conversation was to define the bottlenecks of content marketing that one may encounter. Brody, for DivvyHQ, listed 3 typical cases.

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    Topics: Content Marketing Strategy, divvyhq, editorial calendar