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    4 Tips on How to Boost Engagement By Writing to Your Target Audience

    Now days, it seems like everyone is jumping onto the blog bandwagon. People are flocking to their keyboards to write about their interests, which are as diverse and varied as those who write them. But with so much information being created and shared, how do you ensure that you get noticed?

    Here are four tips to help you stand out and engage with your readers: 

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    A Few Nifty Tricks to Connect Your Content With Your Audience

    When you are able to structure your content correctly for digital audiences and use language that is appealing to them, you are well on your way to connecting in a much more impactful way. Taking the guesswork out of this by using tools designed to help you can only improve results.

    There are a few other things that can help you entice your intended audience to connect, share and come back for more content. These recommendations are nice arrows to have in your quiver, but remember that you need to consider each with your audience, their knowledge level, and the use of engaging language. These suggestions will draw your audience in and keep them with you.

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    3 Reasons Why Blogging is Good For Your Business

    Some of you who are reading this article could be active bloggers but not getting any traction while others are not involved in writing and are thinking about jumping in.  You may already be blogging for the company you work with or you are your own boss and have heard that blogging gets your brand noticed. Whichever camp you're in, I'm here to tell you to follow your blogging dreams and keep on trucking. Below, I've pulled 3 compelling stats from Hubspot about the world of blogging.

    Here are 3 really good reasons why blogging is good for business.

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    Your Audience Requires Consistently Great Content

    How do you know that you are creating content that consistently offers the audience something that they will connect with?

    There are all kinds of post analytic tools that let marketers know how content performs after the fact, but there are not as many that are predictive of content performance prior to it being published.

    The problem is further compounded when writing content that is predictive in terms of search rank, but not in terms of an authentic connection with an audience. While data provides critical insights that yield positive outcomes when used correctly, producing content for search engines may deliver short-term success but will fail in the long-run – authenticity, relevance and connectivity are significantly more meaningful and engaging attributes of success.

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    Choosing the Right Medium Changes How Your Audience Shares Your Story

    It's been fifty years since Marshall McLuhan famously proposed that "the medium is the message" in his publication Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man. When he originally wrote it, he meant that the way in which the content is conveyed is more important than the content itself. Although the phrase has been twisted and misinterpreted ad nauseum, the initial meaning still rings true.

    I'll always have a soft spot in my heart for the printed word but I'm coming to terms with the fact that traditional media is fading away. Even as recently as a week ago, it was rumoured that beloved hip-hop magazine XXL would discontinue its print publication following the footsteps of magazine giants Newsweek and Spin. This was later revealed to be an overstatement—XXL will be scaling back from bimonthly publication to quarterly—but its still the death rattle of a dying industry.

    The quality of your content is important—that will never change—but in an increasingly digital landscape, the way you present it has become paramount. Nowadays it seems that everybody has a blog. Writing one is a great way to establish yourself as a thought leader in your field and to convince people into thinking you're an expert.

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    The #1 Best Tip for You from Content Marketing World And Social Shake-Up

    In September, I attended both Content Marketing World and Social Shake-Up, which Atomic Reach was a sponsor for.

    I found both conferences energizing, interesting and super exciting.  And I only saw two key note speeches and one session across both events combined.

    Since we were sponsors at both events, my primary responsibility was at our booth speaking with potential customers.  Needless to say I didn't get out much to participate and attend the sessions.  Then what was so exciting and interesting?

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    You Need To Get Emotional With Your Audience

    If writing to an audience’s level of knowledge around a topic is of significant importance, so too is the notion that content must evoke a degree of emotion to achieve a deeper connection.

    We all engage with content that strikes a chord with us on some level.

    Consider for a second all the stories of world events, local movements, and BACON we connect with on our various social platforms.  Content that is meaningful, resonates on a personal level and makes an emotional connection with the audience is the content that passes through social networks with unprecedented velocity. The reason why memes (viral videos, pictures, etc.) spread like wildfire is because they elicit a positive or negative emotion from each of us.

    Is there a way to create content that can consistently tap into an audience’s emotional state within the confines of writing to their knowledge level?

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    Do You Really Know Your Audience?

    So how does one put pen to paper, or rather, fingers to keyboard, and create content that is appropriate for their audience?

    Until now, editorial guidance is limited to the persona of the audiences’ age, income, or social status, which provides a valuable but limited view of the audience.

    What if there was another way to group people in an environment based on something other than their age, income or social status?

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    You Need to Create Awesome Content for Real People

    Content marketing is not just about telling a great story, but rather, the marriage between a great story and its value and relevance to the audience that we serve.

    As marketers, it is within our mandate to establish ourselves and by extension our brand as thought leaders, with an intent to create a stronger connection with our clients and community.  To achieve our success we spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about the topics and themes that will form our content.

    However, how much time do we truly spend thinking about our audience – and more specifically our audience in the context of “real people”?

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