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    5 Tips to Get the Best Out of Your Graphic Designer

    So you need to communicate something in a visual way but aren't exactly sure how to do it. I understand, you didn't go to art school and the last time you had to open a Photoshop, it was your after school job. Don't worry about it, dude: there are professionals who can help you. We're called graphic designers and we're here to make your ideas a reality.

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    What is the Best Marketing Tech For Your Content Marketing Efforts?

    There is an ever growing amount of data and tools available to assist content marketers and publishers with their content efforts.  There are platforms for creating content, collaborating and managing content, curating content, optimizing content for SEO, analyzing content performance to sharing and distributing content.

    This guide Content Marketing Tools: The Ultimate List published by Curata in January is a great list though not the "full picture" of all the companies and technology available to marketers.  And it's already out of date given the fast pace of growth in this market.

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    Your Favorite Collaboration Platform Goes Atomic

    Exciting news today, as we welcome Kapost users to Atomic Reach, and audience engagement through quality content.

    In case you haven't heard of Kapost, is a wonderfully robust yet simple content strategy and collaboration tool.

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    Is the New York Times Sadly Doomed to Disappear? Perhaps Not.

    At a whopping 96 pages I’ve been putting off reading the recently leaked New York Time’s (NYT) new ideas task force on how they can maintain their relevance in the current age of media.

    Like many traditional publishers, they are struggling to maintain an audience, never mind growing one.  The NYT’s is a massive and historic institution that’s knee deep in a battle with countless news providers that are more nimble, innovative and socially savvy than themselves.

    I peeled it open this past weekend and here are my 10 observations.

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    4 Reasons Why Publishers Help You But Fail To Help Themselves

    Dear Mr. Publisher, you are great at promoting other brands content but I believe publishers fail in many ways when it comes to their own content marketing efforts.

    Is it enough to produce stories that you think your readers want?  Are they producing stories that cut through the clutter on the web when everyone else is writing the same news stories.  It is what you say that will define you and separate you from the pack but do publishers know how to promote themselves as brand leaders?

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    3 Secrets to Creating High Engagement on Twitter

    This past Monday night, we hosted #AtomicChat with special guest Susyn Elise Duris. The topic was How Brands Can Win With Twitter Engagement and it had everyone buzzing about Twitter tactics and strategy. Susyn along with the rest of the chatty community provided their tips and tricks on how they succeed at tweeting. We've captured all the best highlights and key takeaways, all after the jump!

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    3 Reasons Why "Yo" Has Undeniably Captured Your Attention

    Yo has captured our attention, and it's pretty obvious to me why.

    In case you don't know about Yo, let me explain. It's an app, where you can send them  an audio message that simply says Yo.

    Even the screens, and the UI/UX are very simplistic. I've read that it only took the creators 8 hours to put the app together. At last count, over 50,00 people are using the app, sending out over 4 million Yos. That was before all the crazy hype and the announcement that the Yo creators have raised upwards of a million dollars.

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    Topics: attention, audience, Content Marketing Strategy, emotion, Social Media, yo

    How to Make Real Simple Syndication Work Awesomely for You

    You're a smart content marketer or publisher, and I'm sure you're aware of Real Simple Syndication (RSS). RSS is not a new term, or way of publishing content to the web, but you may not know about all the things you can do with your RSS feed to ensure that you are driving audience's to your website using this tool with others. The truth is, RSS could be the lifeblood of your content publishing strategy. It really is that important. I'm aware that with all the shiny tools in your content marketing and publishing toolbox something like RSS isn't top of mind, but it truly is the simplest way to syndicate your content and in that simplicity is its genius and utility.

    An RSS feed allows your audience to "subscribe" or keep tabs on whenever you update the content on your site. That means every time you hit publish, the RSS captures your update and distributes to anyone who's subscribed. Imagine that, automatically notifying your audience that you've published something new. That's a very powerful engagement piece, since your audience has actively subscribed to your RSS feed to get content from you.

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    Topics: Content Marketing Strategy, RSS

    How User-Generated Content Effectively Fits Into Your Marketing Strategy

    The last topic on our Twitter chat (#AtomicChat) was about user-generated content (UGC) featuring special guest Douglas Karr. UGC is a fantastic way to involve your fans and customers with your brand.

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    Topics: ugc, Content Marketing Strategy, user-generated content

    4 Tips to Optimize Your Social Media Strategy With Visual Content

    Your brand is already on social networking sites. Of course it is, you're a fresh, relevant, strong company. According to Internet Live Stats, almost 93% of Canadians are online, engaging daily with people on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. On top of those three massive social networks, the internet is a vast, expansive place, and it's difficult to keep your audience engrossed when they're only a click away from a billion other distractions. So how do you capture the public's ever-roaming eye? I’ve compiled a few tips on optimizing your social media strategy with visual content.

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    How to Establish a Best Practices Content Marketing Culture at Your Company

    Let's face it, things have changed a lot in the past few years when it comes to marketing your company and brand.  I don't think I can emphasize that point nearly enough.  And it's never going to stop.  Technology will continue to "disrupt" the world as we know it on both a consumer and business to business level.  We basically need to adapt or "die".

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    Topics: company culture, Content Marketing Strategy, emotion, marketing

    5 Reasons Why Your Content Fails Miserably

    I believe that we can all formulate a story. If marketers have a voice then why wouldn't people want to hear their stories? Why then do marketers produce content for it only to #fail? Huh, did I say fail? I do not mean to offend anyone but I would like to explain the reasons why your content is unable to perform. Let me assure you though, it has very little to do with how experienced you are as a writer.

    Here are the 5 reasons why your content fails miserably:

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    What Impacts the Evolution of Your Content?

    Here at Atomic Reach, our job is to analyze your content based on your target audience. We care about your content and want to assist in nourishing your articles.  A hot topic online publishers often encounter is the debate of long vs. short form content. Which performs better? Which sustains the life of your content and keeps your audience engaged?

    In a world where we can glimpse the news in 60 seconds or in a 250 character status update, one might think that short form content will stimulate a larger audience. Sure, this may stimulate a ton of shares for the time being, but does this content resonate with your audience? Is the content able to mature and flourish, see growth of page views? Ultimately short form content is short lived and experiences virtual death.  You want to keep your reader coming back for more and strengthen the bond with your audience.

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    4 Ways to Boost Your Blogger Outreach Strategy

    Last night, we hosted a very interactive Twitter chat with special guest Gail Gardner of GrowMap. Our topic was blogger outreach and influencer engagement and it had everyone buzzing for the hour.

    Here are 5 key takeaways that can help you boost your blogger outreach strategy.

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    Inspiring Content Will Engage Your Audience

    If you're a content marketer, sitting down day after day to write blog posts is a daunting task. Sure you may rely on an editorial calendar to provide a topic, but those are just words on a page devoid of true emotion or complete thoughts. I know some of you write for the sake of getting the task done, meeting a deadline, trying to maximize the engagement potential. Sometimes that's all you can hope of accomplishing, and I totally get that in the rush you're just looking to hit publish and get on with it. I can't unfortunately do that. Is there a secret sauce to all of this?

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