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    Why Do You Want The Best Native Advertising and Content?

    When is comes to content these days, where does entertain and inform end and promotion start?

    After over 20 years in media and tech I have seen a lot of shifts and changes. Over time the value the marketplace puts on the effectiveness of various forms of advertising and content continues to evolve.

    Digital grew fast in the late 90's. For many years after, there were dark predictions about the fate of print publishers. And there was a lot of fear around declining value of professional journalists. This is because the web was growing and consumers now had the access and ability to create and distribute their own content.

    Now years over 15 years later, there has been a steady shift back to the value of high quality content and journalism. There are two key factors.

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    Topics: Content Marketing Strategy, journalism, native advertising, promotion, publishers

    What Sears Can Teach Content Marketers... What Are You Waiting For?

    As a marketing professional, you have worked hard at creating a marketing and social media strategy that heightens brand awareness, drive inbound sales leads, and promote all sorts of opportunities.

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    Topics: sears, content marketer, Content Marketing Strategy, fitstudio, marketer

    Can You Enjoy The Trip Without Focusing On The Destination?

    Everyone has a story and each story is unique to their own journey and destination. We all want immediate gratification and that translates to the here and now.  We demand results in our everyday activities so when it comes to the debate of which is more important, we get told it is the journey, however, we are all focused on the destination.

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    Topics: Content Marketing Strategy, destination, goals, journey, story

    How Do You Create Exceptional Content?

    Whether you are a brand, publisher or blogger, you are in the business of creating content.

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    Topics: audience, Content Marketing Strategy, engagement, ROI