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    Brands Embrace the Introduction of Instagram Video

    Adding some competition into the social media mix, Instagram recently announced the addition of videos to their popular photo-sharing app. As a direct competitor to Twitter's year-old Vine application, Instagram's 130 million users will now have the ability to post 15 second long videos to their profile (filters and all). A study done by social media analysts at Simply Measured, suggested that videos posted by brands on Instagram have twice the level of engagement to photos. With an increasing number of brands integrating Instagram into their content marketing strategy, how will brands start to utilize Instagram's new video application? Here are some ways brands have already taken advantage of video on Instagram.

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    5 Common Blogging Mistakes

    Though it may not always sound like it, blogging can be hard work! It can be so easy to get discouraged when something that seems so simple isn’t nearly as easy as you thought it would be. Never fear--we’re here to help! Whether you’re about to embark on your first blog or are taking time to improve one you already have, here are five common blogging mistakes to keep an eye out for!

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    Human vs. Machine: Should bloggers write for search engines or their readers?

    In an era of search engine optimization (SEO), bloggers and online writers are faced with the challenge of pleasing both search engines and their readers. With this new challenge has come new debates on whether to write for SEO or the readers themselves. To make it even more complicated, search engines are constantly changing their algorithms, which can explain changes in rankings and website traffic. With this in mind, many content marketing experts have concluded that quality content is king and producing high quality content pleases both readers and search engines alike.

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    Authors and Curators: Benefits and Differences

    Mashable recently tackled the subject of Authors and Curators. At this year’s Mashable Connect conference, Mashable's chief technology officer Robyn Peterson spoke with Storify co-founder Burt Herman. Peterson posed the question: “Who’s going to have more clout in the future? Authors or curators?”

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    How to Break the Blogging Rules

    Blog writing guides are full of standard rules designed for maximum shareability and increased audience engagement. Just google “blog writing tips” and you’ll see what I mean. They tell you that the internet is optimized for convenience, efficiency, time and effort, and that selfish readers are meandering to your posts for selfish reasons. They will remind you that your readers are results-oriented, they’ve got a job that they need to get done.

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    Localize Your Content Marketing Strategy to Boost Business

    While brands strive to become competitors in the global market place, going global (or even national) can bring new challenges when creating an effective content marketing strategy. According to a new report from the CMO Council, nearly half of all senior marketing executives believe that having a localized content marketing strategy is essential for business growth and profitability.

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    4 Killer Ways Brands are Integrating Instagram into Their Content Marketing Strategy

    It's now been over a year since Facebook's acquisition of photo-sharing app Instagram. The take-over resulted in a 500% increase in active Instagram users, see the app grow from 22 million users to 100 million in just a years time.

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    Boozy Storytelling: How 3 Top Alcohol Brands Embrace Content Marketing

    Since they’re often linked with desirable lifestyles, alcohol brands reportedly reach one of the highest engagement rates for their media content (along with car brands). The best alcohol content marketing strategies combine a meticulously crafted, highly desirable lifestyle with actionable ways to integrate the dream into the customer’s life. Or if you’re Budweiser, just have really cute baby horses.  Here’s our all-star lineup of content marketing booze brands.

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    Going Beyond: 4 Ways You Can Deliver Exceptional Client Service

    Last week, I had one of the most rewarding experiences in client services yet: a blogger I outreached to offered to give me a LinkedIn recommendation. I was both pleased and surprised at this offer. It’s not often that client or customer service positions receive such positive feedback.

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    5 Surprising Social Media Statistics That Will Boost Your Online Marketing Strategy

    There is really no excuse for a brand not to have some sort of social media presence. After all, more potential customers are using it as a way to determine their purchases than ever before, and to not reach out to them is simply a wasted opportunity. Though it’s extremely easy to make various social media accounts, it’s perhaps not so easy to determine how to properly spread your efforts. So, here are five social media statistics to help you decide what to post and where in order to boost your online marketing strategy:

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    6 Tactics to Find & Incorporate Best Keywords into Your Content Marketing


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