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    Guest Blogging Contributors: What Not To Do

    When I’m not glued to Tumblr like the addict that I am, I can be found editing the entertainment section of Paper Droids, a geeky-themed blog for women. Part of this role means I’m constantly getting new applications regarding guest blogging. Accepting a guest blogger can be beneficial to both the blog and writer, but that also means collaborating with someone you’ve never worked with before. With that in mind, here are some helpful suggestions of what not to do while guest blogging!

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    7 Foolproof Editorial Tips to Help you Become a Better Writer


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    Gartner Report Confirms Content Marketing is the Way of the Future

    Having trouble convincing clients, colleagues, and your boss that content marketing is the way of the future? Gartner, a highly-regarded and influential voice in the marketing industry, conducted and shared a study about content marketing becoming a major strategy in advertising and marketing.

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    Five Tips For A Successful Blog

    Just about anyone can create a blog nowadays. It’s an easy and fun way to share your interests with an audience, and convey your thoughts and opinions on anything from specific topics to life in general. That being said, it may be easy to create a blog, but it’s a lot harder to create a successful blog. In spite of the multiple business blogs in the US, only about 35% were updated on a monthly basis in 2012 - and that’s only once per month! Here are some helpful blogging tips to not only help you create a blog, but to keep it up and running (click on the thumbnails to enlarge).

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    How to Sell Content Marketing To Your Boss

    Hey, you’re a savvy marketer and you’re noticing the shift from traditional marketing to content marketing in the industry. You foresee that content marketing is here to stay and other companies have already started implementing it into their marketing strategy. It allows for an intimacy between a brand and its target audience, providing a softer sell to your consumers, which they adore. Nowadays, people are drawn to entertaining and educational content more and have become less receptive to traditional ads.

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    Growing your Company’s LinkedIn Group & Group Discussion Etiquette

    So you created a LinkedIn group for your company. Now what?

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    4 Reasons Why Twitter Doesn’t Suck


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