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    Annoying SEO Jargon EXPOSED

    you've been around the internet long enough, you probably heard about something called SEO. Advocates of SEO go on about how it does wonders for your website, but it becomes so shrouded in mystery with all the tech jargon they use. It ends up feeling like there’s an SEO club and the first rule of SEO club is not really explaining it well enough to the rest of us.   

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    10 Ways to Drive Traffic & Improve Your SEO Using SlideShare

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    Time to Get Mobile-Centric With Your Site

    By 2014, it is predicted mobile internet will take over desktop internet usage. If you have a large readership that reads your content with a laptop, just imagine how much bigger your audience can grow just by making your blog available and mobile-friendly for mobile users. Right now, global mobile traffic represents roughly 13% of Internet traffic [Forbes]. Adapting to this increase of mobile users, bloggers and online publishers should invest in expanding and improving their websites and blogs for mobile users.

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    #AtomicChat: Using SlideShare for Content Marketing and Driving Traffic

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    13 Powerful Stats on How Content Marketing Generates Leads

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    #AtomicChat: Developing a Successful SEO Strategy to Improve Your Search Rankings with Mike Murray

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    Should Brands Jump on the Vine Bandwagon?

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